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"a dark green accelerationist who deliberately bears the plague to all the old folks homes because kill all humans or whatever."

You don't need "dark green" accelerationists (whatever that means!), all you need are shitty sociopathic State bureaucrats that send Covid patients to nursery homes. And that's what governments did in several developed countries. Are these bland, Nazi-like healthcare managers really in fact dark green cynical people who've read Teddy K? I dunno... but that'd be the biggest plot twist of the decade?

And I signed this comment in order to compare my experience of the other end of the emergency management systems, where a close family member died from Covid in a nursery home due to being infected by this more-than-suspicious transfers of Covid infected people from hospitals to these centers. I testify there were many faces I didn't see before they shut down the place.

My thoughts go to the brave mostly non-White nurses who exposed themselves to Covid for the lowest wages in the field, and most likely got the virus, several times. I don't think their lives were any more important to these closet-racist managers than the lives of the socially-derelict elderly residents they shard their days with.