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Ultimately, the wars in the Middle East are part of a long-running strategic conflict between the American Empire, Russia, and China which the attacks on 9/11/2001 accelerated by giving the United States political and ideological cover for an already-planned assault against Afghanistan. The effects in this country have been ruinous in their own way, as the State and mass media whipped up a frenzy of racism and paranoia with the "War on Terror", resulting in the Patriot Act (still with us), increasingly intrusive surveillance, and ever less regard for political and bodily autonomy.

Now that the Muslim terrorist theme is more or less played out, the new bogeyman is "the unvaccinated", as Biden made clear in his speech just two days before the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. This internal enemy will be an easier sell to a gullible American public already terrified by almost two years' worth of emotive mainstream propaganda and dodgy science, pre-disposed to a credulous acceptance of whatever the political authorities and their annointed experts pronounce to be the truth of the moment. The level of surveillance and restrictions have already increased to a level beyond the expectations of most authoritarians, and there is no end in sight, as resistance has been slow to build.

It's easy to predict what the excuse will be for the next surge in totalitarian State planning - climate change. This quote from a Canadian environmental activist makes the link very clear: far as Ken Wu, executive director of the Vancouver-based Endangered Ecosystems Alliance, is concerned, none of the parties is saying enough.

“We know it’s possible, because of COVID, to overhaul large parts of society and of all things it needs to be done for climate change,” said Wu, who has been deeply involved in the battle to protect BC’s old-growth forests.

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