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"Anthropocene is a scientific sounding name in the style of a geological epoch, used to name the current version of Flood myth. It seems to want to replace the tired term "Late Capitalism" mostly concerned with waning or faltering Neo-Liberalism. It evokes the ongoing human-induced mass extinctions and climate change, as well as apocalyptic horizons. It feels at home in environmentalist discussions by liberals like Extinction Rebellion. "

Consider this from A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None -

"If the Anthropocene proclaims a sudden concern with the exposures of environmental harm to white liberal communities, it does so in the wake of histories in which these harms have been knowingly exported to black and brown communities under the rubric of civilization, progress, modernization, and capitalism. The Anthropocene might seem to offer a dystopic future that laments the end of the world, but imperialism and ongoing (settler) colonialisms have been ending worlds for as long as they have been in existence. The Anthropocene as a politically infused geology and scientific/ popular discourse is just now noticing the extinction it has chosen to continually overlook in the making of its modernity and freedom."

The end of the world has been happening for at least 600 years, over and over. A lot of people besides anarchists know this too, it might be worth it to engage with them.