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It may be that in the same way that this isn't a review of a movie, its content, or of film as a medium, hinting at how all film (and lightbulbs, and roads, etc) structure people in similar ways regardless of their content, the prompt does not so much intend to discuss the content of the terms in the title, but how they structure people when they use them in their analysis.

Viewing "theory" as media, the content is irrelevant, their medium/message is civilization. And that to contest civilization, it's more a matter of destroying the medium (be it print, film, internet, cities, infrastructure) more than critiquing the contents, whichever they may be. Which is why those insurrectionist text are mentioned. And if you're ultimately powerless to destroy civilization, which falls by itself regardless, then you might as well be unconcerned with the nitty-gritty of its functioning (an academic pursuit) and the task of its destruction (politics, martyrdom, sacrifice), which is somewhat along the lines of what's hinted in the Absolute Typhos text linked and the end and maybe also this zine

It alludes to other possible ways, besides sabotage, to contest being structured by media (which includes language, history, linear time) in mentioning dérive and dancing in the Perlman quote.