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you were a voyeuristic tourist at occupy, nothing more. there's a reason nobody would have listened to your whining if you'd been brave enough to offer anything resembling a critique; the left was stillborn at occupy oakland. every move their splintered sectarians made was quashed by the instinctive anti-authoritarianism of most of the campers -- which is not to say that they were ready for a full frontal assault on capitalism, they weren't. but the most important part of occupy oakland was that people were finding their sea legs as they went, without the generous tutelage of communist creeps like you. you knew that as soon as you deigned to show up twice (or was it three times?). there was no place for you to gain traction, which is why you beat hasty retreats each time you wandered by. no doubt about it: occupy oakland was flawed. but not for the reasons you think, and the correctives would have had nothing to gain from listening to self-indulgent ultra-left losers like you (who are in thankfully short supply).
tl;dr: fuck off keating.