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Yes to what you say (even if you use obvious and kinda pretentious language like "anarchs").

I can write about owning property in the way I did, and that doesn't change the fact that I feel a deep ambivalence (at best) about that choice. I am also sure it was the best choice for me in my context. Maybe I am capitulating. Certainly, to some extent, I am. I honestly don''t think things are clean or easy. When it comes to anarchist houses, most of my favorite ones are, in fact, owned by someone involved.

As to squats, squatters and the folks who don't respect property lines, have at it! This year there are bunnies who seem to have a warren in some part of "my" yard, who I welcome and wish no ill will. A few years ago my cat got eaten by coyotes who have no need for property rights. The coyotes are apparently back this year, and I trust that my non-aggression pact with the bunnies will be tempered by the coyotes eating the bunnies.