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Ooooh yeeeeah, we are the indigenous coyote clan whose land you have fenced off and called your own. WE are going to pay you a visit and ask politely if we can spend a few weeks living in your spare barn while we carry out our ceremonial duties BECAUSE your house is built on an ancient burial ground which my grandfather tried to tell the founding fathers about but was ignored. We also wish to slaughter 6 cattle of yours per year to restitute the bison herds which formerly roamed these plains.
We don't value paper currency, but if you have any assets or things we desire we are happy to come to any mutual agreement.
Our society values simple sensual aesthetic pleasures and joys in our everyday relationships.
I am a lonely unmarried warrior looking for a young wife to enjoy making family with, and if you have any available persons for exchange we can come to some agreement, smoke the peace pipe, which will give you complete freedom to settle on this land and be our father.
Please don't get all moral and indignant at my proposal like the missionaries did please.