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This TOTW is tainted, as usual with OP judgments, cluelessness, and assumptions: “create their full or scaled-down utopia’, “in order to prevent me and others from doing any of that, you’ll need the State’s laws related to property to use against me in a prosecution, or as argument for justifying by eviction”, “through property, you have deprived other human beings from the freedom of using the land for them selves. Not just humans, but all these lives you do accept within your domain.”

I OWN my tighty blackies and I while wearing them, I deprive you the the freedom of getting into them. “Do you own a bike, a motorcycle, a car, a computer, clothes? Can I come take anything you have that I want for myself? Of course I can, rules are things to get around or over. You want to come take where I live, whether I own it legally or not, come on with it. We can talk about it or wrestle about it or I can shoot you in the head for trespass. This is the battle being waged all over the planet, every day. Humans NEED to have a place to be, to eat, to sleep, to fuck, to play, to birth, to raise their young. Just like every other animal. And just like any other animal, they will fight to keep it if they can. Wouldn’t it be amazing to do this free from others imposition? To have only the tyranny of the skies to defend against. That is “utopia” mofo.

I’d rather be a nomad – seems more amenable all the way around. I don’t live in that world anymore – when I did it was in a van. Since I owned that van legally I guess I wasn’t an anarchist then.

I’ve lived in backyards and school buses, shacks thrown together in a couple days and those built over time with trash and junk and scraps and blood. I’ve been living in trailers for a good long while now – could be a modern nomad, if only I had something to pull it with and the old thing wasn’t likely to fall apart at the wheels. I don’t own any land legally, mostly couldn’t afford it even if I wanted it, but I have a home I can call my own. For now anyway, things can change on that dime.

Because homeless is hard, I can’t say there’s much to recommend in it accept what you learn about yourself. What fears and nonsense shakes loose while figuring it out. But, having landlordladies is shit (circle-a ones are not advisable, take my word). Owning usually means owing somebody some money – loan sharks I think they are called. Or mortgage banks – I forget. Not for me.

Maybe you get lucky and some money falls your way or some family or friend situation means you have that place for “ whatever the fuck you want”. Up til the point you step over somebody’s line. And there are lots of fucking lines and lot of fucking somebodies. But, you take and make what you can.

Squatting means no money need be labored over to hand to someone else for the privilege of being drya and warm. If you choose wisely you can be left alone for a long time. Most squattable places are likely considered detritus, unlivable, somehow beneath the standards of bourgeois society. Not sufficiently usable by capitalist (or communist or socialist or whatever flavor eco-nightmare) interests. Look up adverse possession to find places you can land. I don’t know how that works in a city, my squatting tends to be on the edge of the wild where I feel most at home. And since those tend to be very harsh environments, they are of little interest to most humans. And most humans are of little interest to me so its about as perfect as it will get in this world.

But, no matter the legal arrangement, I feel a low-key but constant danger in being sedentary. A vulnerability with telltale tugs of defensiveness. Alert to trespassers – not random people wandering through “my land” - that is just not all that likely in the middle of nowhere. Its about someone taking something from me that I have made mine. Not as a legal ownership (which is a just one way to play the shell game). It is the very personal sense of OWNESS – this is the place I make my life, where I create my refuge - the closest thing to a “safe space” there can ever be. Where I have spent time and energy, pain and joy learning about the land and all those I share it with – rocks and plants, creatures. Wind. I am protective of the effort I have to put into making it habitable, to tone down the affects of the harsh elements that make it so uninviting to most. I am too old and infirm to keep trying over and over.

If land was still wild and free, what would you do differently than you are now? Where would you go, how would you live? Seems to me we don’t have a lot of choices and the only wrong one I see is the one that makes you miserable.