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I dunno, but this topic seems – like so much @ discourse – very contrived.

I don’t really care how you arrange your self in this world. If you decide to buy a plot of land, then who am I to second guess that? There is no true life in a false world as Adorno remarked.

Also, the whole labeling of this as back to the land or a private utopia seems more to situate the whole thing within a framework of who’s the true believer and who’s not.

We in the west or whatever are probably the first or perhaps at best second generation which doesn’t, at least to some extent, provide for themselves, who doesn’t keep a larder.

For me it is irresponsible to ask of others, or depend on the industrial-growth complex to provide for my needs. So we can bicker all we want, and continue these abstract discussions, which doesn’t really lead ANYWHERE for ever and ever.

Perhaps it is time to ditch the sacred/profane dichotomy which seems so pervasive and rather start to approach shit with a more pluralistic mindset?

As far as I can tell, the world won’t revert to a some pre-industrial, pre-colonial, 500million humans on earth state any time soon. Sometimes life happens and you have to relate to shit like ownership or whatever, simply because that's how the guns roll.

I don’t have (too many) illusions about what I’m doing. I simply try to make the best out of a shit deal, as I suppose most of you others are as well.