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Oogle-0 is an unvaccinated, asymptomatic covid-19 infected close-talker. They decide to not wear a mask to show off to the world and the Portland PD surveillance cameras their rad new facial tattoos. They also recently got a new tongue piercing which that promotes salivation.

Tabler-X is an unvaccinated and uninfected extrovert and is very excited to show off their new offerings and sets up a table under a nice tree in the tabling area. Tabler-X unfortunately broke their ankle doing parkour around Portland so they've been spending most of their time seated. Because Tabler-X is new to the bookfair they want to show how brave they are and maybe pickup a few cuties with their dashing good looks so they decide to forego wearing the mask.

Oogle-0 approaches Tabler-X's table. Tabler-X has always had a thing for pity fucks so they say a nice thing about Oogle-0's face tattoos and tongue piercing which sends Oogle-0's mind racing. Oogle-0 leans close to show Tabler-X a close up of the hand-crafted popcan-top tongue jewelry and accidentally releases a number of droplets from their open moth into the mouth and nose of Tabler-X.

Tabler-X becomes infected with covid-19 and dies later that week. Oogle-0 hears the news but doesn't give a fuck but falls from a moving train and becomes paralyzed from the neck down and later arrested because the Portland PD matched their face from the bookfair surveillance cameras with the security camera footage of an armed robbery at the local Subway. Now Oogle-X is facing armed robbery charges.

This all could have been prevented had they both worn their fucking masks at the bookfair.

Also..... no u.

Also, your scientific consensus is hilarious. I wonder what your "scientific consensus" says about wearing masks to reduce the spread of droplets containing a deadly virus...