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more of the same, just cuz you fools haven't thought this shit through, doesn't obligate me to draw you a map

but the links between personal sovereignty and accumulation of power in the ancient world should be more obvious if your analysis of power isn't severely stunted in some way. i can only guess what's going wrong in your reasoning and you're not curious about what's being said, just scoffing so ... why should I waste too much of my time?

"that's ABSURD! what could personal sovereignty have to do with leviathan?!"

that's ... the entire point of constructing the leviathan in the first place, to subject the will of the many to the few by channeling collective power in to a few individual's "sovereignty". as anarchists, we are opposed to this of course but that's just how it works and the philosophical connections should be obvious.

the only difference is the values and/or the ability to brainwash a lot of people to do your bidding. i'm not interested in doing that but I can observe the phenomena easily enough. sovereignty is a hell of a drug! give most people a few sips of power and watch them start lashing out with it. it's not pretty but it's very human!