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Personal sovereignty has to do with supremacy over your own bloody self. This is more the Unique or the Übermensch, than the Führer who has power *over others*, has the entire nation on his back, and yady-yada... which would be a rather impersonal, collective sovereignty (that monarchs are) of a leader over "his" people. Individualism does not contain any idea of ruling over others, much less pretending supremacy over them. That is more what collectivists, socialists and commies are found to be into, IRL...

As individualist no one has power over me, I'm my own emperor, or at least this is what I'm tending to. This was Zo D'Axa's idea of individual autonomy.

The collective (no pun intended)... the Commune... the community... the nation... the family... humanity... all those things are spooks aimed at hindering my self-rule, intentionally or not.