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"NO MOBILE PHONES OR ELECTRONIC DEVICES!!! It's not an exaggeration: you're carrying a little snitch in your pocket. Leave it at home: at meetings, when scouting locations, when shopping for materials and when carrying out the action. Modern cars should be avoided and definitely rental cars, which are all equipped with GPS. If you plan to steal tools, equipment or vehicles from businesses or individuals, be aware that many have GPS transmitters on them. Try to memorise as much as you can in your head and anything you feel compelled to write down should be burned as soon as possible."

if this is your thinking, it's way too militant. The real issue with cars is they have license plate numbers. The GPS won't matter without corroborating color, make, model, license plate number. Stealing license plates won't work, however, it might be something you want to consider IF you have a body shop and you've removed the GPS. If you are committing a crime that the police are going to get a boner about, [being an anarchist of leftist makes you very sexy], scan every transportation device before you use it. Also, throw away your phone forever and use signal jammers at events.

Of course, i can't blame some badass insurgent who wants to take down the system for being paranoid. Internet security is an oxymoron and a thriving industry. The real reason you want to use Linux is its "immunity" to viruses and open source software. It's alot more expensive to use Windows and Apple in the end. I like the part about compartmentalizing devices, but if they take your military-grade-encrytion hard drive then they're gonna send it to a computer lab and figure out how to break it without cracking your encryption key. The software aspect of computers sits on top of hardware than can always be analyzed and manipulated. Also, if you've been identified as subversive, they won't even need your hard drive anyway. You might get 10 years in prison for knocking over a garbage can on government property.

Security culture takes the joy out of everything, and at worst it feeds some pretty fucking deluded egos. I guess i'm not part of the party. Before, the getaway car was lauded anarchist invention, now its an identifier that will put you in prison. Plus, fuck cars, they force you to work...and fuck cities as well.