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17:30 once again...okay, so i wrote the above trying to sympathize with this essay. But let's go back to an even more basic issue: when you buy computerized technology, you've reinforced the single most domineering aspects of what the archists do:

-you've bought something

-you live on your phone, and are a traitor everything that got you into this mess: you're desire to undo everything that insults you.

I'm no different. I originally resisted buying smart phones for several years before they've came out, and i've currently had the same phone for 3 years and don't every want to upgrade, just cuz i've seen how this has ruined my life. Desktop computers and laptops are better than phones, because i can't possibly take them with me everywhere, yet cars and all computerized technology work directly against anarchist desires.

There's something so shitty about sympathizing: you see that part of yourself in someone else, you want to join them, you want to talk to them, you want social interaction. It's really fucked up in one sense, and completely unavoidable in another. Sympathy turns us all into liars, and the worst part is we can all struggle and escape, but were not doing it.