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"And we have good reasons to lie: manipulation, self-defense, avoiding consequences. "

Weird, 2 of the 3 good reasons listed are iffy at best. As anarchists is manipulation really a good reason to lie? Isn't manipulation a form of coercion and aren't we against coercion?
Hmm. Ok, self-defense. Self-defense is probably the only one of these that on its face seems acceptable as a reason to lie, but it also depends on what one is defending oneself from.
Like, avoiding consequences. This does not seem like a good reason to lie, except in the case of lying to avoid going to prison (or similar punishment from the state) or to keep someone else from going to prison. But if we are talking about avoiding consequences for, say, rape then no, of course not.

As with many issues raised here, the framing lacks nuance. In general, for myself, I try to avoid lying at all, especially with friends and people I want to get along with.