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nobody cares about this tired posturing of marxoid proletarianism. the walkabout on Nov 2nd was only a "general strike" in the fevered imaginations of leftist organizers and trade union entryists. for most of us who actually participated for longer than your usual 15 minutes of tourism, the afternoon and evening of Nov 2nd was a celebration of defiance (the idiotic police bureaucrats were smart enough to keep OPD mostly invisible) that didn't require much in the way of risk. but since there was no risk, there was no real class struggle component, and therefore the festive atmosphere of collective belonging that's so important to revolutionary upheavals throughout history doesn't fit nicely into your marxoid moralism. what Nov 2nd showed was the possibility and potential of effective solidarity that transcends workplace alienation and craft unionism. but that's not interesting to marxists and other leftists, who only see value in mass mobilizations only insofar as they resemble militarized skirmishes in their LARPing pretense of class war. sorry, not sorry that you didn't find anything valuable in your visit to other people's actions.
tl;dr -- fuck off keating