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Paul Z. Simons on Immediatism Podcast

Two additional Paul Z. Simons texts have been made available on "An Anarchist Affection for Democracy" identifies the tension between anarchists who believe direct forms of democracy have utility and those, more nihilist-oriented, who believe it has no place. The latter group, as described by Simons, are more concerned with destroying all structures of power regardless whether they are horizontal, as direct democracy is described in this essay to be. "In a Moral Universe There Are No Anarchists" is Simon's expression of support for a fellow writer suffering under accusations from within the anarchist milieu.

Both of these essays and most of those previously recorded on Immediatism (included below) are available in the Ardent Press book, A Full and Fighting Heart, available from

An Anarchist Affection for Democracy part 1
An Anarchist Affection for Democracy part 2

In a Moral Universe There Are No Anarchists

Stolen Comrades (as El Errante)

John Brown's Body part 1
John Brown's Body part 2

Illegalism: Why Pay for a Revolution on the Installment Plan When You Can Steal One? part 1
Illegalism part 2
Illegalism part 3
Illegalism part 4
Illegalism part 5

Pure Black: An Emerging Consensus Among Some Comrades

The Organization's New Clothes

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