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the word "plandemia" is an issue, insofar as it suggests a conspiracist worldview. I do not think all such worldviews are equally morally weighted, i.e. I reject the premise that "the Illuminati" or "the lizard people" are NECESSARILY (intended as) dogwhistles or stand-ins for (some group of) Jews. But I do tend to think that, with this sort of dreamlike view of how power is structured, you're at significant risk of drifting into a narrative that is plainly racist

I don't want to diagnose them with fascism (!) based on the usage of a suspect word, personally, because sometimes I just think it's not that deep, and this could be mere stupidity. But it's certainly a big red flag, and I didn't think about that earlier (and I was the one who wrote the "plandemia" title comment at 15:13 too)

Regarding "anarcho-capitalism, national-anarchism, or other autonomous fascist currents", I think these are not the same, because these are clearly examples of People With Bad Ideas misunderstanding anarchism and/or reducing it to a basic principle (e.g. no state!), and putting aside everything else that anarchism is as, y'know, a living tradition of whatever the fuck it is (which generally includes anti-capitalism and anti-fascism). Most of the people who rep these ideas do not come to these ideas from anarchism, but from elsewhere; and in any case, their political/ethical ideas are pretty inconsistent with anarchism

I sort of think the issue with conspiracy theories (in the abstract, i.e. not necessarily racist and/or the-conclusion-is-we-need-the-day-of-the-rope conspiracy theories) is that they are, typically, inconsistent with the truth of things (re: history, how magnets work, etc.)

It's not, inherently, that they are inconsistent with anarchism. If I believed Bill Gates was putting nanobots in my blood (I don't), I could reach a conclusion about what should be done about that that would be consistent with my anarchist beliefs, I am pretty sure