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International Call for Direct Action against Catalunya

Worldwide, solidarity means attack!

via Act for freedom now!

Postcard Barcelona SUCKS! In the last years we have seen, from near and far, how the Catalan institutions have managed to continue selling an image of “inclusive city”; when it is an ultra-capitalist city that expels and mistreats its own population (not to mention the thousands of migrants who are sold at ridiculous prices, or are dragged into the vilest prostitution) in order to have something to eat. Colau is a fake who plays to establish pacts with the most aberrant powers, to exercise her second mandate as mayor. She skillfully negotiated with many squatted spaces -to legalize them- and thus reduce her refractory actions against the System. Unfortunately for us, the tactic has been successful: they have “tamed” us. The once called rose of fire only burns when interclassist nationalism orders it to do so. And there is no lack of sheep…

On February 27th, in the context of a demonstration (promoted by the most Stalinist and retrograde communist authoritarianism) they arrested a group of comrades, previously arrested by the organizers themselves – read Arran, the youth of the CUP – in a disgusting set-up, tending to blame “Italian anarchist insurrectionalists”, for the riots resulting from the imprisonment of the unclean rapper Pablo Hasel. We do not forget that it was an act of revenge for a previous set-up in Girona. The so-called ‘purge-of-Girona’ perpetrated by anti-anarchist groups to sweep out of their city those who did not conform to their political interests… Currently 6 of our people are still in prison, in the territory dominated by the Catalan pseudo-state. And there is a silence (complicit) on the part of an infinity of supposedly “libertarian” collectives, about this alarming situation. It is time to shout ENOUGH!

The so-called “casals catalans”, numbering a hundred in 40 countries, are good targets to express our rage. And there are also many economic interests in Catalonia, for those who are willing to do a little digging. Any of these sites is a good place to remind these cretins that active international solidarity with our prisoners of the Social War is not just words: LET’S ATTACK! That is why this OCTOBER 27th, eight months after the captivity of our comrades, we will make the voice of those who have tried -in vain- to muzzle, heard. Organize your group, plan a fire, an attack, a protest canvas, a sabotage, or whatever you want; but do not remain impassive? There is too much posturing among so many verbose groups that do NOTHING. To the street already the kidnapped ones, for that story of the damned burned police van…


Some Pissed Off Insurrectionists (FAI/FRI)