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Anarchists Firebomb Police Station


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Full title: Greek Anarchists Claim Firebombing of Police Station in Zografou, Athens

A unit of the anarchist urban guerrilla network, Direct Action Cells (DAC), operating under the name “Fiery Anti-State-Violence—Sector ‘Nikos Sampanis,’” has claimed the October 27 firebombing of a Hellenic Police station in the Zografou borough of Athens, Greece. Improvised incendiary devices fashioned from butane cannisters were detonated on the exterior of the police station. The communique claims that police retreated into the station as the devices were either placed or hurled at the building.

The primary reason for the attack appears to be direct action in solidarity with the 20-year-old Romani man killed by the Hellenic Police following a vehicular pursuit in a working-class suburb of Athens. The man, Nikos Sampanis, was unarmed.

Interestingly, the claim quotes an old communique from Greece’s most infamous modern urban guerrilla group, the Conspiracy Cells of Fire:

“[..] We must sharpen the blade of solidarity and remove it from its recurring stereotypes that displace it in the vicious circle of ‘freedom in one's comrade,’ often the prerogative of friendly, personal and ‘public’ relations.” -Conspiracy Cells of Fire.

The communique also gives a shoutout to members of the anarchist organization, Rouvikonas, facing trial for the 2016 daytime execution of Egyptian-born drug dealer “Habibi” in the downtown Athens neighborhood of Exarcheia, as well as imprisoned members of Revolutionary Struggle and 17N.

From the communique:

We call on every struggling individual to create his own events attacking the state, spreading the flame of disobedience and camaraderie. Υ.Γ. : We chose the Α.Τ. Zografou symbolically for the case of the 14 comrades who were arrested during the occupation of the NTUA Rector's Office. , on 13/11/20, and they are forced to take DNA.

We are sending fiery signals of solidarity to the Chilean comrades who shook the offices of ANERE.

Power and solidarity to Boris, who is being prosecuted for the destruction of 2 5G antennas, as well as to Alfredo Cospito for the three-month censorship regime imposed on him by the Italian state.

We remember the comrades who fell fighting in action, as well as all the invisible ones killed by property, racism and patriarchy.

Solidarity with the persecuted, prisoners and fugitive fighters.


Fiery Antivia Sector "Nikos Sampanis"