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"There was the acceptance of the ITS lets-murder-passersby."

No, there wasn't really. There was discussion. And also, what does 'acceptance' actually mean? And by who? It's this kind of ideology consumption and political badge wearing that is the dead end. As if denunciation, tweeting, or squawking about it is a real challenge any more than assigning a symbolic 'acceptance' role on others (what JZ is really doing) has any bearing.

JZ and KT, after years of being called genocidal primitivists by usually bad faith red and social anarchists have been doing an image revamp. They want to be the good guys and survive in the cesspool of anarchist social media and the antifa moment. So, what better way to make yourself 'good' than by casting someone else that is already unpopular, 'bad'. This is social media call out culture 101.

Are anarchy radio broadcasts intellectual property now?