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support A! or any of his work. ANews is merely a site where people (not just anarchists) post material. JZ appears to believe that by posting his radio show on ANews, he is somehow aiding and abetting A! and ANews? Confusing. However, with "anarchists" slagging off each other, belittling each other etc, the mainstream has no need to worry about taking us down as we are more than capable of doing it ourselves. A! doesn't take anarchism seriously. He often scoffs at 'it.' He works etc and has said himself that he is not a 'role model' for would-be anarchists. It is strange a non- anarchist (A!) having so much influence or, at least, trying to have influence of people who are considering anarchism as a way of life. Kathan hit the nail in that Aragorn! is trying to be the Malcolm McLaren of anarchism by trying to be controversial for the sake of it. ANews will be no doubt loaded with yet more reactionary digs at JZ come the new podcast.