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concentration camps were (are) horrible

in the face of that, the victims did some/all/none of these:

give up/give in/take it

quiet persistent resistance

sudden reckless violent outburst against guards, died in the act, or publicly executed after some time

directly hurt other imprisoned people for their own benefit, or escaped knowing they would punish others for it.

made elaborate conspiracies for larger escapes, where many got killed as consequence, but some managed to get away

and the whole backdrop is that, all calculation and non-calculation of odds or risks to take or not amidst the horror, is taken before what we in hindsight know, but they did not all know at the same time, that they would be sent to the gas chambers anyways in the end.

who’s line is it anyway? where the rules are made up, and the points don’t matter


do it for the vine

in the end, can/will you choose before hand how you’ll/you’d act in such circumstances?
can/do you choose in your current circumstances?

if your actions are at most anecdotes that will not survive a generation, what would you do?

also, much much more, it’s a book, not a tweet

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