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Brazil – NOS: Actions in May, month of struggle

From Act For Freedom Now

To all

We claim the following actions in the city of San Paulo, in response to a call from anarchist comrades for May to be a month of struggle all over the world:

– Doxing attack on ALEXANDRE DE PAULA ALBUQUERQUE, alias ‘Alexandre del Hielo’, the leader of the fascist party PSL in the city of Horizonte, in the state of Ceará, and the local coordinator of fascist Jair Bolsonaro’s elections campaign in 2018.
– Noisy bomb near a military police site in the State of San Paulo, located in Largo Oliveira Viana (known as ‘Largo do Clipper’), in the northern area of the city in the night of 19-05-2019;
– Noisy bomb in an iron skip opposite the Military Police station in the State of San Paulo located in Ingeniero Armando de Arruda Pereira Avenue, near the Jabaquara tube station in San Paulo in the southern area of the city, early morning on 24-05-2019;
– Noisy bomb in a plastic basket in the toilet of the garage occupied by a branch of Hirota Supermarkets Corporation in Avenida General Olímpio da Silveira 39, Saint Cecilia neighbourhood, in the centre of the city in the afternoon of 31-05-2019.

These two bombs were equipped with a detonating mechanism-trap created by this group [NOS], whose manufacturing instructions will be spread shortly.

The attacks on the fascist police in San Paulo were a warning not to repress the general strike of 14-06-2019 or the upcoming demonstrations of the Brazilian people, in response to the attacks they are being inflicted everywhere. And that of 24th May was a small tribute to the never forgotten comrade Maurício Morales – Punky Mauri – and revenge for the repression of a small pacific students’ demo in Paulista Avenue, in the financial centre of San Paulo, in the night of 23-05-2019, a demo against the attacks on public education promoted by fascist Jair Bolsonaro and his education minister, the Zionist Abraham Weintraub.

The action against the Hirota company was revenge for the distribution among customers of 10,000 copies of a macho and homophobic pamphlet in December 2017, and for their participation in a financial plan meant to send fake news from WhatsApp in 2018 in order to elect fascist Jair Bolsonaro as president of Brazil, and as a way to force the company to distribute 10,000 food packets among the unemployed families in the city of San Paulo until 07-09-2019 as a ‘revolutionary tax’.

Since its creation over a year ago, this collective has been engaged in the struggle, within its possibilities, for the defence of the people’s rights and for the affirmation of Anarchism on a world level. In the face of any new attack carried out by the bourgeois State and corporations on the people and to any act of repression carried out by their lackeys on those who make opposition, our engagement and will to struggle increase more and more, especially when the fascist Brazilian government is furiously assaulting social, human, work and welfare rights and the rights of wild nature, all this in order to increase the indecent profits made by capitalist corporations. The enemies of the people might well expect more attacks, for these will come, and stronger.

We ask honest social militants persecuted by the system to break the politics of capitulation and class conciliation carried out by union and party bureaucracy, and join the mass struggle and direct action against the system.