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i listened.

instead of seizing land:

-mastering the art of the rendezvous:
meeting up, here and there, keeping in touch.
everywhere you go and meet up with yours, is anarchy land.

-asserting body autonomy, freedom of movement and expression:
everywhere you go, everywhere you are, is anarchy space, you weave freedom into your surroundings with your movements.

look at this gimmick: A.R.E.S.
Action- to signal presence only to yours
Rendezvous- arrange to meet up, with a ditch contingency plan
Emergent Strategy- go from there, no forcing preconceived notions of what it should be like or what you (two, three,?) should be doing, let it flow from there and be genuine. like a dérive, but only in spirit, not limiting activity to that or defining it as that. ideas, urges, stunts, actions, conspiracies, flings, nothings, may surge or not.
then keep in touch, meet up again, repeat all steps, meet with others. it’s like a game, you set the pace and the players spawn from the terrain and rise up to meet you at the opportunity or situation you’ve insinuated with your actions.