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hmm...the two songs from last week tagged along at the bottom of the description...sneaky sneaky.

and now i'll comment about the dynamic or (lack of) "chemistry" between the two discussing the TOTW this time.
i think it's great and important that @ people from different ages and generations come into dialogue. if it comes out as awkward, maybe it's not even due to the ages, but the personalities, it still doesn't matter, because it's not for entertainment, it's real people having a conversation. if i remark on it it's because i'm still performing the role of the asshole ungrateful spectator.

if i wanted to properly participate, i'd stick to the topic and not mention any of the previous superficial things that might make someone self-conscious and maybe discourage them to keep giving us these gifts.

i was also too young during those events and they're not a significant point of reference where i live. i remember seeing a random graffiti around that time that said "dile no a la globalización". that graffiti stuck around long enough that i got to learn what globalization meant, and at my still young age i could grasp how silly it was. how could ordinary people just "say no" to globalization? i was not an @ until recently, so imagining that could somehow imply something like protesting trade laws or sabotaging commerce? i don't know.

i had seen circled a's before, never knew what they meant, had to wait until i studied in college, almost finishing, to even hear a first mention of anarchists in passing, yet the communist manifesto was a required reading in first year.