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in a humorous way.

And no i'm not "calling out" anybody, I'm just saying my two cents. My ideas on nihilism are not zero-preference fake hogwash, and i don't even come on here very much and thecollective doesn't care much about what i think. My posts overall are kinda boring and redundant sometimes. The JZ + @news relationship is pretty comically strange, that's all. I have some respect for things JZ says but his shows consist of him just reading the news and recycling complaints about technology, and apparently he doesn't support TK.

Oh and i don't think calling me out for my username is any less repetitive. People here constantly do it. But go on, I'm not offended or surprised. I'm just like the anarchists on here in the sense that I like to flesh out and explain what I say. Sometimes people misinterpreting me makes me mad. Whatever. Have a nice life.