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OK, I have to give you some credit, this is an extremely bold (and weird!) idea for an article, especially for a mutualist (?).

So let's give you some credit for your idea and think about it together a bit.

First critique:

-Uneven distribution of gear in the black bloc is a risk. It's a risk first of all for the individual, who may be singled out and targeted as the "most" dangerous; second of all for those not similarly equipped, who might be attacked first by police as the "weakest link"; and finally, for everyone, in that everything that differentiates the participants undermines the effectiveness of the tactic itself. Don't fool yourself that the police can't go through footage and try to work out who the only one with a hockey stick is.

so... anyone who wants to make a black bloc work brings and distributes as much identical gear as possible. Even if some people can't use it, it's *better* that it is in their hands as well, to create confusion for the authorities as to who is most dangerous.

Therefore, the bloc had better be anarcho-communist, and every individual participant in it has an interest in approaching it thus.

This is very simple and basic. And I'm an insurrecto, not some fucking syndicalist or whatever.