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Action is not going to save you. Ironically one of the things that gets you out of this is for leftism radicalism and other non right stuff to theorize its way out of this malaise. Study the pre-configurations of the alt-right and you see people like Nick Land, Moldbug, John Bowden ect and they talked and wrote a lot. The key is they created effective communicative discourse that was a fresh break and new take from the right wing reactionary stuff that came before(think some loser like Bill White to which contemporary antifa and now old left orthodox 1968 are the leftist equivalents)

What non right wing reactionary discourse needs right now are their answers to those above thinkers and this can only be done by breaking with 1968 orthodoxy and creating new refreshing effective communicative patterns of thought. We(said ironically) need our own dark enlightenment. Ironically I like the term intellectual dark web, it's a pity it's been taken up by centrist political hacks. Perhaps the term can be appropriated.

Certainly the likes of me and le way along with the post-left will make up the nicheier aspects of this new radical discourse and epoch as some of us can see a major discursive realignment coming on level of pre to post-WW2.