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No, a sort of essay or zine around the concept of joy that incorporates the critiques of the milieus presented, but goes further in rejecting any semblance of “militancy”, or anything that would resemble an “invisible committee”, a “coming insurrection”, or the “multitudes” or “assembly” of negri and hardt.

I did not use the concept “ressentiment”, but rather the word “resentment” in its ordinary colloquial sense to refer to how some people feel when excluded from some groups due to their perceived “humor”/“mood”/“emotional state”. Specifically, what might seem at first to be what they label and critique as “grumpywarriorcool” among other terms the use to hint at what they mean.

I will include a critique of how what they hint at is a problem within “insurrectionist” mileu and others (like nihilist and anti-civ), but also point to how this characterization can result in isolating these people from groups, leaving these groups to have little or no element to counteract pacifisty liberal and hippy tendencies, while leaving those isolated to become more bitter and missnthropic.

Of course there are individuals from each group that don’t want anything to do with each other for other reasons, some valid and some in “bad faith”. In the essay would focus the aspect that has to do with rigid or engrained affective patterns, roles or identities that impede desegragation of these groupuscules, and make possible more intermingling, without need for assimilating one group to the other, so to speak, much less shun people based on prejudice or stereotype alone.

All this is an oversimplification, I would need to be more specific and expound. With this I only intended to address your question as to what I was referring to.