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Before tribal councils or parliaments, for want of a better word, natives (but not natives, because the binary of colonial had not reached those shores then)may have existed as clans which had no central system of management or association of chiefs. Maybe some clans met at watering points or when food was abundant in a certain region, and certain laws and grievances weŕe discussed, and some offenders, rapists or murderers were identified, and some retribution resulted in vendetta culture to evolve, with elders sitting as judges etc etc, there are myriad variations around this same theme. This is true life, humans are asses, in every culture, because when a common language formed, culture was also formed, and cultural identity also, including the geographic endogeniety of those that shared the same language.
I'm happy to have non-binarized natives doing their thing away from capitalist politics and the nationalist socialist identity mentality rhetoric they are being brainwashed with. They are going the path of the Aryan nation, or the Viking brothers, it sounds now like the Native First Nation, vèry scary and no different to the totalitarian arrogance of Genghis Khan.
I will not be silenced or intimidated by your hordes!