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TOTW: Travel vs. Tourism

What does anarchist travel look like? Is it possible to be a traveler without being a tourist? Is it possible to be a traveler and an anarchist?

I have been 'abroad' for over three months now and feel very at home in my new lifestyle. I still work on my projects (in the digital world), sometimes in the wild and sometimes in hostels with other travelers. I've connected with friends formerly only known online and made others along the way. But I haven't been in contact with many other anarchists and the biggest reason is simply that I feel like too much of a tourist.

I know anarchists are around. Their graffiti is everywhere. I also know that a lot of anarchists feel like we can only really 'do anarchism' when we put down roots and engage in local face-to-face autonomous community building. So in this sense is travel is more 'tourism' or 'vacation' than a legitimate anarchist way to experience the world?

What are your thoughts about traveling as an anarchist? Is anarcho-nomadism possible, or does it just amount to anarcho-tourism? Have you had experiences traveling that have shaped your anarchism?