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to me is an ever changing game, for me i have really strong realizations and those effect how i look at my life forever. This doesn't protect me from feeling shitty and depressed as much as i would like it too sometimes, but it does help me make better decisions and gives me a line of defense against the self-hatred of my own thoughts that comes up from time to time.

"How can we work towards an anti-social spirituality?"

is this another attempt to be different from other people and stand out? Sounds like something written by a brand new LBC intern. You realize that the internet may be anti-social, but it is constructed and used by people? I guess this terminology is also possibly just a rejection of generalized pro-social attitudes that people will mindlessly command you to adopt, "thinking positive" and what not. Hyperactive stupidity is one of the greatest anti-social/social methods of late capitalism. Hatred is a dish best served cold IMO, kill them, ignore them, lol. I'm logging off so i don't get too overwhelmed by my own anger!