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TOTW: labels adopted, assumed, invoked, avoided

Rehashing an old topic, still trying to come at it from a different direction, or multiple different directions.

What are labels that you find useful for yourself? Here on anews there's a lot of talk about the normal labels and how limited and limiting they are, but obviously those labels and the people who use them (or at least use them easily) are compelling because there is something about them that continues to work. What are times in your life when you've used a label, either one given by other people, or one you claimed for yourself, in a way that worked for you? When did it stop working? How did you notice that it had stopped working?

Here's an example, though not a perfect one.
I used to know someone who was paraplegic and really smart. She would get around rules all the time because a) the rules weren't made for people like her (people mostly assume full use of limbs when making rules for customers, citizens, etc), and b) people felt bad for her. Also, people probably underestimated her intelligence, as she spoke slowly, etc. She did this entirely consciously and with some amount of glee, as seemed quite appropriate to me. In what might or might not have been connected (though obviously I'm connecting it now), she was invasive with me, and wouldn't take no for an answer. So let's say for the sake of argument that that characteristic in her was part of her assessment that she could ignore/get around rules by playing the crip card, as she put it.

I'm really interested in labels that people adopt for themselves, semi-regardless of whether other people recognize those labels or not. Like, one of my labels is that I'm a bitch. That is something I've been called (usually not in so many words, but whatevs) and that I have accepted, at least some of the time, and accepting it means that I'm outside of some social expectations, and also don't get to have some relationships that might be fun or interesting.

Anyway, like that. Now it's your turn.