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as this may increase reach. Plus, seeing faces and body language also aids concentration I find. Another year would be cool. I have to say I'm surprised that Carl Rogers and other 'counsellors' have never been discussed before and need to be a part of the anarchist library. Person-Centred counselling is powerful stuff when the individual and/or group has a proficient 'teacher.' My criticism only being that one has to leave the therapy setting and rejoin the outside world which is anything but therapeutic. The introduction of guests on to AnarchyBang is refreshing. Personally, I don't mind a round-table discussion of whatever the weekly issue is with people chipping in through email or the IRC. Phone calls are welcome but not necessary. How about an two hour slot on the writings of Ted K? I say this because I have just re-read his manifesto, and I can never get out of memory his telling of when he went off to find solitude (escape from the increasing numbers of people and noise) in one of his favourite spots only to find 'they' had built a road through it. I can just imagine Ted dropping to his knees, hands covering his face, tears of rage and deep sadness running down his cheeks and then, letting out a wild determined cry of revenge...enough is enough. Greta T needs to read Ted K and pass his message on to the kids.