“Activism Now Terrorism?” - More On the Green Scare

  • Posted on: 4 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From: <a href="http://www.greenisthenewred.com/blog/abby-martin-activists-targeted/6539... Is the New Red</a>

“Activism Now Terrorism?” — TV Interview with Abby Martin

Huge thanks to Abby Martin for having me on her show this week to talk about grand juries <a href="http://www.greenisthenewred.com/blog/pacific-northwest-grand-jury-subpoe... anarchists and animal rights activists</a>. We also looked at how this fits into the broader political climate and legislation like the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Martin has been following these issues closely, and I think it made for a good discussion. Hope you like it too. Video after <em>Read More</em></td><td><img title="activists" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2009/smokeisaprison.jpg"></td></...

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Its a shame that he had to appear on Russia Today to get more info out about this story. Russia Today is a state-owned tv station that is really into conspiracy theories.

wait, so you actually have more respect for say nbc than you do RT? hate to break it to yo but all channels are shit of one smell or another.

who said anything about NBC?

Does NBC have "Anarcho-capitalists" making fun of Anarchists and promoting Ayn Rand/Ron Paul philosophy as the "REAL ANARCHISM" ?


NBC is just as bad as all mainstream media, but Russia Today is weird as hell.

Russia Today is far worse than NBC, and only slightly better than Press TV.

Russia Today=Conspiracy Theory Headquarters

For folks that are into right wing conspiracies like 9/11 Truth, Federal Reserve Conspiracy, wacky chemtrails, Illuminati, etc. Alex Jones/Ron Paul type stuff. "Anarcho-capitalist" (also known as Nationalist Capitalists/Ayn Rand worshippers) Adam Kokesh had a comedy show on there.

" RT has provided a “disproportionate amount of time to covering Ron Paul, wondering aloud why the presidential candidate and his vision of the United States don’t get more attention from the mainstream media.”[61] RT cancelled Ron Paul supporter Adam Kokesh’s show Adam vs. The Man soon after an FEC complaint was filed charging a political contribution had been made by a foreign corporation. Kokesh denies that was the reason his show was cancelled"


So you just decided, as a loyal State shill, to throw in the conspiracy theory basket anything that's not being covered by Western CORPORATE media for political reasons, that RT will cover?

Go to hell, Obamana cake! Caught with yo pants down.


I'm anti-state and anti-capitalism, which doesn't make me an Obama person if you understand things well, which I assume you don't. Conspiracy theories are a right-wing idea that ultimately reenforce the idea of a State.

The state itself is a conspiracy.

Conspiracy theories serve as fictional narratives which move people away from confronting more tangible problems like the State and Capitalism.

Good analysis. Never thought of it so succinctly as that. Would buy you a beer or tea or something if this wasn't the stupid internet. cheers!

Conspiracy theories are neither right wing nor left wing. And the way you use conspiracy theories derisively shows you know nothing about them. Many conspiracies are true, many are not. Calling something a conspiracy is a thought stopper.

Is terrorism the new activism?

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