“Three Word Chant” is live! (and we need your help)

  • Posted on: 13 August 2012
  • By: worker

We are Giles Corey Press. Three kids in our 20’s living on the Central Coast of California, we’ve each spent nearly half our lives working on various radical projects and looking for new ways to change the world. Giles Corey Press is our attempt to provide a service for the radical community in our area as well as fill a space in the broader radical publishing scene. It’s our attempt to answer—for ourselves—the question, “What is it to be an anarchist?”; to explore the interplay between our politics and all aspects of both our own lives, and of the full breadth of lived experiences in our community… this working class, semi-rural town we lovingly, but sometimes with frustration, call home.

Our catalog is all set to go, but we need your help to see it in print. Please <strong><a href="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/464006897/giles-corey-press-first-ca... to our kickstarter</a></strong>, get an awesome reward, and make this project happen. Here’s what we’re hoping to bring to print:

**Three Word Chant**
*Summer, 2012: Occupy*

Three Word Chant is a journal for collecting radical thought that aims to expand our discourse and stretch the expectations of our subculture. This first volume is themed “Occupy”, and we think we’ve come up with a pretty unique document: something that balances our wildest dreams and sober realizations about occupy, that holds both our critiques and our love letters, as well as our revealing goofy in-jokes. In selecting the pieces for this journal, we placed a premium on personal stories, about how our lives were shaped and affected by Occupy, and you will not read a single piece about What Occupy Was About or What It All Meant. <strong>And you can read it online, right now, <a href="http://moreweight.net/blog/2012/08/06/summer-2012-catalog-launch/">at our website</a></strong>. Print version is 8.5″×11″, 66 pages, perfect bound.

**The Star**
*by Vikenty Veresaev*

Written in 1903, “The Star” is an enigmatic fairytale about revolution, redemption, and the human condition. It is a story about bringing a star down to a land shrouded in darkness; however, it is not a story about light versus darkness, but about the uncomfortable ambiguity and complexity that taking on such roles inherently entails. This haunting tale—now for the first time in English—is full of pregnant resonance, and comes to us via a samizdat printed by the Dutch resistance during World War II. 4.25″×5.5″, 32 pages, hand-sewn.

**On the Concept of History**
*by Walter Benjamin*

Walter Benjamin wrote On the Concept of History while in exile in France at the start of World War II. He sent it to friends who had already escaped, and when he realized that his own escape would not be possible he took his own life. Even when he knew that almost all hope was lost for himself—knowing that death would come soon—he sat down and composed this text, using history as a way to look forward into a world where Fascism will be more completely resisted. And even though he did not live to see that world, as we ourselves might not, he knew, with his last thought to the world, that one day it could be possible. 8.5″×8.5″, 60 pages, hand-sewn in Japanese stab-binding.


I had a different impression of Benjamin's point--it's not about a better future coming, but about how the past is present right now, and can be avenged in this moment. Making him just another voice promising a better tomorrow misses what is unique and challenging in his insights.


I regard Benjamin as primarily an aesthetician, and his views on politics are founded on the premise that fascism and capitalism are recent historical partners which have lost touch with creative and beautiful social processes which date back to primeval origins, and are therefore doomed, since revolutionary vitality emerges out of the possession of creativity and beauty, which forges on and overwhelms any stagnant forms.

"We also worked for a lack of cohesion, selecting voices that would reflect the beautifully frayed wire of viewpoints and ideologies coming from the 99%."

So.......a smorgasbord of liberal ideas. So much non-anarchist stuff posted on here.

Because there is only a single monolithic anarchist viewpoint, so variety must equal liberal?

Sorry, not interested in anything but The One Way To Salvation.

(A) or GTFO

shove your company up your ass my friend. i am interested in revolution, not your company selling books about revolution. thank you.

IGTT 2/10

Oh, yeah, totally. Because someone doing print runs of 100, and selling the resulting book for $10 each, is making a fucking killing. Oh wait, no, print runs of 100 mean the books are goddamn expensive to print and the $10 will barely cover printing and shipping expenses.

Also, because a dutch fairy tale presented in English is someone trying to capitalize off of revolution. Wait... nope. Wrong again.

And finally and most importantly, because it's somehow wrong and impure to publish and sell books about revolution... instead people who find themselves employed in publishing should just print reactionary books? Wrong again.

on a completely unrelated note... whats with all the "sexxy" pix with big guns? is this gonna turn into another ladies eating salad picture trend?

Her gun isn't even loaded! No magazine! WTF WORKER!?! Y R U SUCH A MANARCHIST?!

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