01-02-2018 Anarchy Radio

  • Posted on: 3 January 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

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Iran erupts, eastern North America in deep freeze. Joey from Deep Green Bush School in New Zealand reports. Late 2017 rampant violence: mass shootings, pig violence. Latest urban horrors, reefs dying, air worsening.The "Brilliant" episodes 59-63 on technology critique: Huh? Action news, one call.



JZ with a decent response to the Brilliant technology series. While I enjoyed the Brilliant tech series for other reasons, Aragorn really pitched him a softball by suggesting that these episodes contained a new, more modern critique of technology, and then attempting to shit on JZ throughout each one while offering nothing new as far as a critique of technology. Don't get me wrong, JZ is dumb when it comes to egoism, nihilism, ecoextremism, but if you're gonna come after JZ for his critique of technology, you gotta do better than that.

So you're saying... JZ is the OG?

I would also WHY has Aragorn! decided to go after JZ in this way? I mean, surely A! knew this tech series was piss poor and would backfire, which it has?

get over it. he tried to do something that didn't work out. get over it. jz is the context that these anarchist conversations happen in. that doesn't mean he was shitting on jz, just acknowledging the limitations of conversations up til now.
yall are just starting shit, and its tiresome.

You can't listen to the Brilliant's tech series and say Aragorn wasn't shitting on JZ. If anybody started shit, it was A. BTW, I didn't hate the tech series; I quite like the Brilliant overall. I'm just saying don't start shit if you can't back it up.

JZ reads the news.

I guess that's why he's J Zzzzzzzzzzz

Haymaker/Weaver actually goes against the stream of the corporate global warming hypothesis and predict an ice-age. They also nailed exponential population, carbon dioxide and investment capital as the 3 main issues threatening civilization, way back in 1970. Empirical incorruptible analysis FTW.,.

"Corporate global warming hypothesis"? What a fucktard.

Yeah … I'm going to assume that's an age gap as well as a gap of understanding science?

Assume anything you want. The idea that 'corporations' are promoting climate change as some part of their agenda is truly laughable.

Global warming propaganda is acceptable to the masses and their continued optimism concerning sustainability and a future for life on earth. The truthful prediction of agriculture and industry failing as it would in sub-arctic conditions would trigger a mass reduction or revolutionary paradigm shift in economic and social management which the corporate rationalists are too greedy to accept. I don't really care, it's all going down the gurgler whether by fire or ice, I'm apolitically providing empirically determined data which paints a different scenario, that's all,.,

What "empirically determined data"?

It's basic physics, the frozen ballast of the polar regions melting and the vapor shroud in a carbon dioxide rich atmosphere reflecting radiant solar thermal energy at a higher rate than that which dissipates from within the biosphere. There are other factors such as the depletion of vegetation due to granite depletion between cycles of volcanic activity spanning 10,000 minor to 100,000 major ice-age events. Like I said, I don't really care, shift happens, but I'm not having a State sanctioned ideological Idpol belief affect my own opinions on when and how the giant turd of humanism's dump is hitting their nuclear powered propellers, McKay,.,

What is "state sanctioned" about climate change?

How carbon and greenhouse gas productions are taxed by most capitalist States yet continue to be released in growing quantities concealed from common media and public record, especially in the largest polluting nation States. Like I keep saying, I don't care, watching huge feces and propeller engaging, on thousand fold increase in workerist jet air travel during annual prison release vacations for trustees,.,

there is certainly a statist logic behind the framing of climate change as an Issue in need of Solutions. one can interrogate this without denying the wrecking of the biosphere by the hurtling human life-world.

i'm a big fan of the brilliant, aragorn, pzs, and jason mcquinn. i also appreciate the attempt of this series's conversation on technology, and i hate to say this because jz's stupidity regarding nihilism, but jz was spot on in his response here.

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