06-07-2016 Anarchy Radio

  • Posted on: 8 June 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

LISTEN HERE: http://archive.org/details/AnarchyRadio06072016

Cliff co-hosts. Muhammed Ali - how out of fashion. Varieties of violence and heat. "Kill button" for robots? Already internal one for species? VR better than this "grey reality." Fabulous new products: LucidCatcher e-headband for dream control, Bedtime VR Stories for remote parenting. Action news, one call.



Wow this is awkward as hell. This is why people think anarchy radio is just reading the news. Because, sometimes, it literally is. I listened to this episode with a person who was more or less unfamiliar with the beautiful idea, primitivism, etc. Not really intentionally, they came by when it was on. Suffice to say, they are not interested in further exploration. Nor probably is the bernie troll at the end...

What was 'awkward' about it?

Who would want to present the news and then comment on it as if it was worth engaging? Surely that's not what "ANARCHISTNEWS.ORG" is about, right?

What's wrong with trolling the current news and commenting on it? It's a talk show. Maybe you can send JZ an email about topics that you approve of and want to hear about. He's probably open to input regarding content. I mean, he does ask for you (anybody) to call in... but if you'd rather make snide comments on A-news, go for it. That's what it's here for apparently.

The point is, they are two people who have been involved in anarchist and primitivist thinking for years (though one has produced quite a bit more content than the other, and has been involved longer). There is no reason they couldn't be having an interesting discussion. That discussion could be about the news. Instead, they are just choosing to read the news, as if people couldn't read it themselves. There might be a place for a podcast that just reads the news, but it is better done by someone without such a strong background. It is awkward because they sort of decided on a theme and then made comments that could have sounded like any random person's first impression if you were to talk to them on the street. Not like people who have been around for a while. They sound uncomfortable talking to eachother, like they had decided on a certain form but didn't prepare well. This has all been mentioned by countless people, many times. JZ is totally deaf to critique of any kind. I make snide remarks on anews because I've seen so many people try to directly communicate with him only to fail. I comment now because this was probably the worst episode I've heard yet (I've been listening 4-5 years now). It also is a strong deviation from some of the more recent episodes where they were at least trying to give some analysis or have some better discussion.

If your project makes the anarcho-curious run with their tail between their legs, you're doing something wrong.

Instead of complaining about a particular episode,call the program and talk about what you are interested in.

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