10.08.12 Noise Demonstration in Solidarity w/PNW Grand Jury Resisters

  • Posted on: 12 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>On Wednesday evening, we gathered in Troy Davis park for a march and noise demo in solidarity with the grand jury resisters in the pacific northwest/(1). The action was scheduled to begin at 7pm Atlanta time. We'd been somber all day, showing the video of her statement(2) to anyone who hadn't seen it yet, but we were happy to be together.

Two dozen of us marched to the city jail to the loud sound of drum beats. While several anarchists from last winter participated in the event, there were many newer faces. Central figures from last year have become peripheral. Some who were less involved, including several who might not have identified as anarchists pre-Occupy, have been taking initiative and forming affinity groups.</td><td><img title="Not another Green Scare..." src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/decentralization.jpg"></td></tr>...
A banner at the front of the crowd read "END JAIL" in huge lettering. Onlookers danced, cheered, and pumped fists as we paraded down the streets, for once unbothered by cops. When we got to the jail, we were happy to see inmates crowded at the windows, waving wildly to us and others pounding their bars to the beat of our drums. Inmates threw basketballs at the fencing separating them from the outside. The noise demo lasted for about a half hour with no reaction from the police inside. The demo was not masked, as others have been. This may have diminished the overall rowdiness of the night.

We took the streets once again on the way back to the park. This time, the drums were background music to a chorus of chanting. Behind a banner reading "In Silence We Roar (A)," the march and chants were unquestionably anti-police and anti-prison. People cheered and echoed fuck the police! Some friendly kids joined the march and hung around when we got back to the park. Leah's statement "We Are Made of St(A)r Stuff" (3), released that morning, was read aloud.

Enjoying the silence,
Forever fuck the grand jury.

(1) http://nopoliticalrepression.wordpress.com/
(2) http://vimeo.com/51103273
(3) http://leahxvx.tumblr.com/post/33298924637


Additionally, another letter-writing night for GJ resisters is coming up soon. There has already been two. We are doing them with the Atlanta ABC who does them every other Thursday.


If you're in Atlanta and somehow read Anews but not Indymedia, please come out to this. The last one ruled. Materials are provided just come write.

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