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  • Posted on: 6 December 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

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Cliff co-hosts. Standing Rock update. "crazy ants" attack technology, Kafka tells the way out.
Millions of dead trees. "Primitive Technology" on YouTube. Great Barrier Reef in trouble, 30th
anniversary of Declaration of the Right to Development, "virtual love beats the real thing" for
some Japanese. Trees make for bad air in cities. Anarchist actions, three calls.



I like the call from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Does anyone else on this forum agree with my opinion that any primitivists who are obese from over eating are total hypocrites? I may even include anarchists and socialists who spout on about equal opportunity and less privilege, surely these beliefs require one to set an example so as not be be seen as a total fake ass-wipe?

Does anyone else on this forum agree with the proposition that calling people hypocrites is the height of authoritarian moralism?

I agree that this particular case (diet) reeks of moralism, and that accusations of hypocrisy almost always fit nice and cleanly into the "ad hominem" box. But, with the caveat that I might just be being pedantic here, calling out hypocrisy can be a valid criticism. For example, back when the Derrick Jensen stuff happened --- if you make an active critique of the existence of police, then proceed to call the cops at the drop of a hat, I'm gonna fucking laugh at you and disregard you. Though I suppose that has less to do with hypocrisy as much as critique of behavior, but I certainly think less of DJ because of it than, say, my neighbor who has never made such critiques.

I may as well admit that I'm a moralist and not a nihilist, and its was because of a recent life threatening Illness I had, while lying in a ward pondering on life and death blah blah and being very humbled by the dedicated young nurses devotion to easing others pain, that I thought about the primitivists opposition to the modern technological medicine industry, and wondered if they died gracefully if their neolithic medicine failed to heal them, or did they run off to the State hospital as a last resought hahaha, it gave me a laugh in the ward, the nurse asked what I was laughing about I said laughter is the best medicine. But I've never criticized modern medicine,,,,,,,,

The medicine comes from technology, division of labor, mass society, toxic plastics and waste, capitalism, profit motive, hierarchy and authority. Those nurses by your side weren't 'dedicated' they were just doing their job. They wouldn't have been there if they weren't getting paid. Kind of like prostitutes. And the medicine they gave you was no doubt tested on animals via torture, or on prisoners.

But yeah, let's just forget all that and celebrate modern medicine. Then tomorrow we'll go back to railing against the system that produces it in the first place.

Shamanic medicine also comes from technology, division of labor, and mass society at least. Probably some sort of profit motive. I have issues with how all this happens, but anti-social bullshit doesn't help. Maybe those nurses/doctors have a profit motive but actually want to help you, too? It's not nearly as black and white as that.

Unfortunately some people think only black and white and lack the empathy to comprehend deeper social engagement and interactions,,,the old binary complex.

An old received idea... Traditional medicine mostly based on herbal solutions, combined with a HEALTHY LIVING, i.e. lots of exercise and nutritious foods with clean air and water had no match in any modern medicine as found in North American ultra-corrupt, degenerate corporate health system. Being immuno-deficient at dermal level I've had way more success with dirt-cheap natural solutions like sea salt, fir sap and garlic (for different uses) than the plethora of expensive balms and creams. People with HIV can also bypass the hardly-efficient mainstream medications by using the powerful "chaga" mushrooms in combination with the white powder on the birch bark.

Is there a poultice for 4 broken ribs and a ruptured spleen, gotten doing uninsured work for money (yes I prostituted myself for the dollars)? Not all of us have the privilege or time to hunt and gather at health shops, yes, I'm enslaved yet somehow enjoy my frugal 10hr week and a simple healthy diet. We all go at end, its the journey, enjoy

Well for the ribs there is a herbal medicine... any strong painkiller will do the job. Like, say, opium or derivatives.

As for the spleen, well there ain't much other solution than surgery that I know of. Which is why I was advocating have anatomy, chemistry and biology books (as well as other stuff like physics, mathematics and quantum mechanics) at the anarchist bookstore I developed back in the days, more than same old useless Chomskies and lame Krotpotkins.

Yes definitely the opium, its so freakin absurd that the authorities have banned one of the most easily grown, cheap and almost complete panacea for pain and resting that part of our physiology which controls tensions and the core of the immunities nerve highway (forgive my layman terminology) It ended up the spleen was only surface split/scratched and didn't require surgery, I only had to have the knowledge of fasting for 5 days while the blood from the internal bleeding was slowly reabsorbed into the recycling section of the linings of my stomach and other things, but it was the first time I actually began delving into the anatomical geography of the human body, and am quite confident I could run a primitivist triage and emergency operating theater dealing mostly with fractures and deep lacerations regarding stitches. I've had a lot of experience sewing up pairs of old jeans I've owned for 10yrs or more, and are quite skilled in wielding a butchers knife, so I am capable of performing simple surgery to remove projectiles or other foreign objects, or cut out abscesses or cancers if they were in their early stages. Yes, the more informative books the better, I have a decent sized library covering diverse techniques in origami of building an ocean going boat..

"...am quite confident I could run a primitivist triage and emergency operating theater..."

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why anarchist health will never, ever work.

Because you have tried it for years, and this brain fart has nothing to do with authoritarian fears of the anarchist Unknown, right...

Yes, that's exactly it. I wasn't making an obvious reference to the blatantly ridiculous arguments and their inevitable consequences, I'm just afraid.

For the sake of argument, tho, does anyone think there might be a connection between the abysmal state of anarchism and this ridiculous taboo around pointing out when people's arguments are just fucking absurd?

Well initially I would practice on skeptics with terminal illnesses, or animals, though this implies an anthropocentric bias and may be deemed unethical. It's been done in underdeveloped countries and many indigenous cultures have retained their ancient knowledge of healing. I have a few books on this topic.

Authorities did not ban opium, they've put its production and trade under their monopolized control.

True, pain would not exist in a primitivist society when monopolization ends.

(sighs) Gunther, what are you attempting to argue here? Are you dense?

I never heard any goddamn primitivist saying such a stupid deluded statement... pain has always existed because that's a natural bodily function, a natural response to stress stimuli and other biological and mental conditions. Other lesser-civilized societies also had their treatments against pain. Fir sap, available in most parts of the global north, was a good pain killer of medium strength, as well as speeding healing and disinfectant/antibiotic, for external injuries and some bacterial infections.

I think it's about time to make some autonomous medicine article(s) on this site, before it becomes completely irrelevant to anarchists.

I wouldn't call myself a primitivist but I'm attracted to its ideas, so I assume some things incorrectly. One other nagging thing is I would appreciate a list of technologies which can be sustainable and do not require a division of labor, destruction of habitat and other nasties to be realized. Its the main reason why people shy away from primitivism because its seen as incessant drudgery and manual toil to barely survive. In other words, is it back to mule drawn ploughs, steel axes and water wheels, which are sort of organically cute? I know internal combustion engines and electronics are out, tandem bicycles would be a nice, or rickshaws. I can't wait.

The future is a robot proletariat while you and me either rot in prison camps,dreaming of the day when they'll have a private nap with Scarlet Johassen... or in mass graves.

Beautiful future. Beautiful.

I appreciate how positive you are, saying they'll give us graves (even if they're mass graves). Can we have a copse of trees growing from our mass grave?

Should certainly be the perennial go to treatment with the modern stuff having an important place for acute injuries and treatment.
Immuno-deficiency is a misnomer due to the fact that there is no evidence for any kind of cellular immune system, it's all morphostasis really and keeping things in balance. Morphostatic imbalance is basically the issue with people with 'HIV'(a non verified virus with all the other non verified viruses). I do agree that there are good other modes of treatment besides the the ARV stuff(which I don't swear off as such).

I Agree with your underlying point overall.

We are all trapped within a system we do not control.
More poor people are fat than rich people because capitalism and civilization has taken away our ability to live on our own land and eat healthy foods, and replaced it with highly processed cheap foods that is fat and sick.
Rich people have ways to cope: from personal trainers, gym memberships, and money to shop for expensive healthy foods, to Botox, liposuction, etc...
So your judgements are not only classist, but fail to understand how civilization and capitalism created a system in which the food it forces the poor to eat is literally killing us.

"cheap foods that is fat and sick."
I meant cheap foods that make us fat and sick.

Also rich people have the time or money to pay someone to cook them healthy food while the poor often do not. I work 14 hours a day on my feet and you expect me to cook a healthy meal for my family when I get home too? I throw in a frozen pizza because I'm too worn out by the system I am trapped in to do anything else. So again, FUCK YOUUUUUUU.

I grew up on oatmeal, sweet potatoes, rice and salted fish you overfed carb and fat guzzling food fetishizing freak. Ever heard of Houdini, he could escape anything, now START PLANNING!

I really hope everyone has been doing some sort of planning and preferably organizing long before this, but just to add my 2 cents: most of the foods you ate are high carb (sweet potatoes and rice, probably oatmeal too though i'm not sure) and fish have plenty of fats...

Yeah yeah yeah 2 cents yeah,,,yeah ,yeah just 2 cents thanks yeah yeah

Don't think it was a donation. It was an ante. Not my fault it was so low.

No its alright I'm a barteree and you are the barterer.

Lumpens tearing each other up on the internet... The Purge never looked so real. What's the most stupid with stupid Americans? It's the lack of class solidarity.

are no closer to duh revolution

Yes we all know how you're a great reference on the revolution, SE. Also a cop-defender who designated Black victims of police violence as "thugs".


I liked the discussion of Kafka/DFW literature by Cliff. Good stuff. Sorry to hear about your friend.

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