The 2017 Houston Anarchist Bookfair is Still Happening!

  • Posted on: 1 September 2017
  • By: thecollective

Contrary to some rumors, the 2017 Houston Anarchist Bookfair will go on as planned!! Our only serious setback from the storm is that we are behind on promotion, and a lot of people in the city have a lot on their plates this week, us included. So we want your help getting the word out for the next three weeks!

Share and repost the promo graphics, event page, and website on your profile, groups and pages, text loops, email lists, etc. Even better, Call, text, and email your friends, family, coworkers, and comrades personally to let them know! Print fliers and posters and pass them out and post them up around town (or hit us up if you want to arrange to pick up fliers or posters that are already printed).

The more help we can get the better!

The 2017 Houston Anarchist Bookfair is a project of Houston Anarchist Black Cross.

Date: Sunday, September 24, 2017

Time: All day! (see Schedule page for further details)

Where: MECA, 1900 Kane St., Houston, TX 77007!



Will the cynical and devious entrepreneur Ramsay Kanaan of PM Press be cashing in on this in some manner?

Will the utterly pointless bay area anarchist scene drama rear it's ugly head?

Yes, and I wanna hear about these gay scene dramas from the mouth of anarchists in Jakarta or Nigeria. For a another season of "The BASE" (net tv series on "The Bay Area Scene Empire"), please.

Will actually be more entertaining than the depressing drama happening quietly in Montreal for ages, with one single derelict, heretic grandpa (me) as the sole recognizable antagonist from within the scence, up against a crowd of young liberal preachers with a paper-thin notion of anarchy. Not saying I'm great or even a purer anarchist, but...

Hikikomori for young adult Japanese males and @news for likewise young adult white North Americans via 'lives' 'lived' on the net!

While the Hikikomori is the manifestation of a kind of mental illness, it is also, like most other mental illnesses, the byproduct of a specific social configuration, which is similar from North America to Japan.

It may be also exacerbated by the ageist and MALE body-shaming tendencies of some anarchoid liberal milieus, who appear to be covering for their own prejudicial hatred by condemning only the usual racist, sexist or homophobic prejudice.

But more generally it is produced by a toxic cocktail of high-technological enslavement, rampant spectacular/commodity cult, and intense social exclusion and privilege generated by an extensive enclosure of social dynamics like the herd/clan, couple and family.

Which is not to say I'm "blaming it on the others" by not addressing individual responsibility, tho you gotta think of the hurdles and shotcomings met by isolated persons when facing groups of interconnected people with a herd culture of insecurity, where you easily get labels thrown at ya for the flimsiest transgressions of language.

yep. bay area is the most petty thing you could know. Get over it dude sells books and isn't dogmatic. Beats the other bay area anarchsits who are generally making $100k

My guess is that as long as PM Press doesn't pursue its business interests there, you'll do just fine.

But srsly isn't anything better that anarchists around Houston could do in the current context, beyond print materials and panels about abstract matters related to these? When there was a flood recently around NYC there's some anarchists who mobilized a lot to concretely support the victims through applied mutual aid. Or at least that's what I've read.

but why cancel your bookfair you had wanted to do anyway?

People can do both. The book fair was planned well before the hurricane.

"People can do both. The book fair was planned well before the hurricane."

In the US anarchist scene, people will always say, "People can do both" -- both, meaning, actions that are relevant expressions of what you claim to be about in the larger world outside of your subculture, and actions which simply reproduce the existence of this subculture, and that are only of interest to subculture scenesters.

There are only so many hours in the day, people can only expend their energies so much, and the scenesters-stuff always comes first -- leaving no time or space for the more substantive real world efforts.

This is a subculture within consumer society -- not an expression of revolutionary antagonism to the social order.

Shadow can be a,,,,,,,,,tad antagonistic to those on teh net.

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