2019 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Panel w/ From Embers, Solecast, Intersection'elle & The Rebel Beat

From Solecast

This episode of the Solecast is a re-air from Podcast panel at the 2019 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair.  This panel was hosted by Mugs and its participants were From Embers, Rebel Beat / Changing On The Fly, Intersection’elle, and myself.  We discussed anarchist podcasts in general, their role in the movement, Channel Zero, and the sort of feedback we have gotten from our projects.  The conversation took some interesting philosophical turns as we talked about privacy, identity and alienation, among other subjects.  We also got some great questions from people in the audience about prison abolition, starting a new podcast and how to handle the feedback and permission of interviewees.   Much love to the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair for inviting us in for this awesome discussion and for its amazing work keeping this vital infrastructure going for 20 years! 

From Embers
Rebel Beat / Changing On The Fly

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I confirm that the French Canadian site linked below is from the same old liberal activist ID pol circus that's become a State-sanctioned profession lately in Montreal, like elsewhere in NA. This same crowd that was "opening" phony squats back in 2017; and are continuing their absurd White dreadlocks policy at their so-called "infrastructure", the Mtl anarchist bookfair.

Fuck these Left pigs.

the white dread "policy" was misunderstood on this site. Theres an interview with organizers that kinda shows there is no such policy.

I don't get this dreadlock stuffs ... maybe people should try to understand what they talk about ... archeologists found dreadlocks from the antic Greece and from very old time in Poland.
So this debate come only from a desire to have a supremacy on stuffs that no one "owns" .. but there's no reason to debate on this among anarchists, because anarchists are against ownership, and against racial separation ... and when the people who try to forbid dreadlocks to others are wearing tatoos or other stuffs that come from other parts of the world, I really wonder if they seriously believe in their bullshit ideology, or if it's just that they want to decide on others how they can live.
Do like I say, but not like I do !

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