3 arrested in "Black Bloc" tactic used by protesters during RNC march

  • Posted on: 27 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://www.wtsp.com/news/local/article/270464/8/3-protesters-arrested-us...

There's no doubt that the police presence is at an all-time high in downtown Tampa. They are everywhere, every corner, every street and every stoplight. They have barricades set up and checkpoints. It is visibly clear that security is being taken very seriously.

You'll especially notice the bike patrols, men and women dressed in khaki uniforms riding around en masse on bicycles. They're quick, they're mobile and they're busy. The bike patrols are keeping the peace on the downtown city streets when it comes to protesters.

Today, they tell us they met up with "trouble."

Deputies say anarchists using a tactic called the, "Black Bloc," got out of hand during the Coalition to March on the RNC. The black block is not so much a group, but rather a movement. As the name indicates, protesters dress in black--everything from black pants, to masks, to shirts--and infiltrate marches and demonstrations.</td><td><img title="Big ups from the @news satellite for the crazy spirit of BB in Tampa." src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2010/crazy_kid.jpg"></td></tr></...

"They're here to cause trouble," said Hillsborough Sheriff David Gee. "We will not tolerate it. Other peaceful protesters are welcome, but not people causing inciting a riot, and that's what they tried to do."

Law enforcement sources tell 10 News that they heard rumors that the "Black Bloc" would be used to storm the Bank of America or a parking garage as protesters demonstrated during the march.

"They definitely attempted to cause a riot," said Sheriff Gee.

Five groups of demonstrators comprised of 10 people split up, sources say, and took off down city streets. They were quickly met with bike patrol units that came from everywhere to shut down the movement.

Protesters say three people were arrested. One of them was taken into custody for wearing a black mask out of the event zone, which is prohibited.

"'The 'Black Bloc' is not a group. It is a defensive tactic to protect ourselves. We are about peace," said Anthony Robledo, a member of the Occupy Wall Street movement who traveled to Tampa from New York City.

Members of the Occupy movement say the "Black Bloc" is not about violence, but rather sticking together in one group with one uniform look and cause.

"A lot of people are uninformed. They don't understand us. They need to stop watching reality television and pick up a book," said Robledo. "We are not about causing problems. We just came to protest the RNC."

Sheriff Gee reiterated the fact that peaceful protesters are welcomed on the city streets, but tactics like "Black Bloc" would be shut down immediately.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Gee was part of the bike patrols today and assisted in keeping the peace. He wanted to be "part of the action," he says. He patrolled the streets, alongside his deputies and handed out water to those who needed it.

"I am so proud of them," said the Sheriff of his deputies. "They are working hard."


Yo fuck anyone who says black bloc is about peace or some bullshit.

haha, white kids beginning their sentences with "Yo", word up boyeeee, in da house!!!

everybody on anarchistnews dot org is white, you got it!! you figured it out!!!!!

(I'm not the person you're replying to but seriously, what?)

black bloc IS for the most part defensive. any of says otherwise hasnt bloc'ed.

every moment is about making sure your homies arent getting snatched or kettled, moving into the weak spots of the crowds lines, PROTECTING OTHER NON BLOC'ers FROM POLICE


jesus god shut up, go back to taking newsboxes out of the street. 90% of the time protests would just go quietly into the night if it weren't for the black bloc. like yeah, those mayday insanities were just b/c the cops started it. the chicago/nato protest was ready to go home until the black bloc started pushing. get real, it hasn't protected anyone since like a16. total destroy machine.

easy easy, I agree but I also think the self-defence aspect of the bloc is interesting and worth emphasizing.

because it you think it is interesting it means that 90% of its use has been for defense of non-bloc'd protesters? idiot liberal, quit trying to stop the chaos.

Critical Thinking = Trying to "stop the chaos".

yo youre real dumb

This is like an insult worthy of the 1980's. Thank god I live in the modern world (and reality to boot) where the proliferation of black culture into the suburbs and white communities is not only ubiquitous, it is entirely unremarkable. Learn some better insults, holmes!

Need new tactics or at least wear differnt colors...confuse the cops with dressing changes and such...be creative

pink bloc ftw

no, GRAY. Gray gray gray gray gray.

One thing I never got about the black bloc is the black pants thing. How many pairs of black pants do you own? Why not use blue jeans instead?

then it wouldn't be a black bloc.

Close enough!

Seriously? A downvote for "close enough"?

Isn't the entire point of black bloc attire just to offer a convenient means of many people dressing in the same anonymous fashion and thus deflecting the possibility of being identified by clothing choices? Wouldn't it, then, make sense to choose the most convenient clothing possible?

I'm sure most people can rustle up a black top with long sleeves, a black t-shirt to put over their faces, black shoes (or black socks or black electrical tape to wrap around shoes), and maybe some black gloves. But the pants, why the pants! Blue jeans are so much more common and so much less likely to have identifying variations.

at night all pants look the same color. so if you're smart you'll wear blue jeans and there will be a mix of pant colors when your AG re-emerges from the alley way.

Seen huge blocs in europe that wore exactly that. Black masks, coats and bluejeans.
Like 500+ people in the bloc oo, steamrolling over police lines ... god north america sucks

it seems like a 50 person bloc would have had much better luck staying together then breaking into such small groups in a police occupied war zone.

Yess take note those going to S17 I would feel safer with more bodies but that's just me. You guys have balls though to try during such OBVIOUS TRAP.

They sure do...haha.

Hey just to throw this out there...be on the look out, Ohio is next to be spotting of Black Bloc, time to rise up everywhere. See we need activist and an Direct Action Movement! Fuck a protest and some protesters! Occupy and the Occupusies was a joke hahaha.



I can't wait until you get arrested and fuck off. And no I am not writing to you in prison, moron.

you're doing it wrong

Only 3? Not bad...Salute to you comrades.



I can't believe idiots actually went to that insane police state hyperventilation party.

everyone's talking about the RNC but i am willing to bet that the DNC will be much crazier due to the location of it and less talk of it being "a trap"...

sadly mass mobilizations are (for the most part) the only time anarchists in the northeast have a real chance for open revolt.... and no I don't mean a march leaves and breaks a couple things and then disperses as soon as one cop car shows up ... thats more of an attack

and north american anarchists need to start holding down against police better we really suck in that aspect.....


breaking shit with 20 people isn't open revolt sorry

and no that's not what I said

It isn't clandestine action...so what is it? It is activism?

I would call it token narcissistic self-expression, from being objectified and therefore reacting!

From a wider perspective, it IS clandestine action. But what's the problem with that?

That troll who divides "open social revolt" from "clandestine action" is the problem, firsthand.

He's a hatchet of the State. I hope he gets paid well for this, as many agents of the State do.

But the dichotomy has been created by the uncertainty of what anarchist praxis actually is or should be. It is not 'trollish' to point out the nuances and thus divide particular actions into 2 factions. It not as if all anarchists are naive testosterol angst spewing hotheads, some of us prefer to strike with an anti-work ethic.

There is such a thing as "aggressive defense", ya know... Of course, you can bring tons of foam mattresses as shields... quite easy to compress and hide. Can also make some very convincing street firewalls when imbued with the proper liquids.

Perhaps time to take notes on Montreal's use of light bloc?

light bloc?

Why haven't you read CrimethInc's 30,000-word analysis of the Quebec student riots!?

But seriously though: light bloc, as I understand it, is like black bloc but dropping the uniform blackness in favor of random bits of clothing that nonetheless completely obscure peoples' identities.

On one hand, this potentially undermines the idea of uniformity protecting peoples' identities, but on the other hand, most [smart] people make temporary alterations to their clothing during actions anyway, or just straight up toss/burn it afterward - and it presents the bloc as less of a uniform group (and thus an entity separate from other people in the crowd) and more of a random assortment of people who are hiding their identities from the cops.

(Somebody correct me if I have this shit wrong.)

"unique" clothing doesn't present the problem from the perspective of post-action (after an action everyone should be ditching their clothes anyhow) but immediately during the end of the action, when folks who were in the bloc are trying to present as protesters. that's when your blue striped undershirt, pink scarf, bedazzled lightning-assed jeans are most recognizable. all-black-everything means that when you're not wearing it, there's no connection between the image of the rioter and the image of the protester. the "light bloc" can make those images indistinct, and that has positive and negative consequences.

How'd you know about my bedazzled jeans?! WHO TOLD YOU?!

But couldn't you just take off the bedazzled lighting-assed jeans and be wearing shorts underneath? It seems that it would take the same amount of effort and offer the same effect of anonymity as blacking up as would any costume that hides your facial features, tattoos, hair style/color, etc.

I think the ONLY problem with this light-bloc thing is if you got snatched BEFORE you were able to take off your bedazzled lightning-assed jeans and they could connect you to car you torched or newspaper box you threw into the street or whatever action a person in bedazzled lighting-assed jeans was seen doing.

If you would have pushed your reflection a bit deeper, you'd realize that wearing all-black clothes actually creates a symbolic divide between your group of BBs and other protesters, therefore creating some kind of militant elite de facto. This makes identification (between protesters) turn against your own tactics, as it'll keep the from spreading wide, rather contain them into the hands of the elite. Social division always is useful for the State.

Fact: in none of the wild social revolts that happened in Greece, Italy, Spain, North Africa, West Africa, East Asia, South America over the past few years there was a uniform Black Bloc in the crowd. Yet tons of people in "bedazzled lightning-assed jeans" were confronting cops, breaking shit, smashing banks and cars, along with the older anarcho-warriors, when they even existed. That stuff is exactly big wins for anarchy, bro/sis, and not the opposite.

Bedazzled Jeans Bloc!!! ;P

This article is completely inaccurate. I'll write a response to post here on Anews whenever I'm not in Tampa using someone else's laptop to browse the RNC news.

>Implying the media gives a fuck about accurate reporting.

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