325 #10 – Out now!

  • Posted on: 9 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://325.nostate.net">325</a>

<em>The tenth issue of the infamous and chaotic anarchist-insurrectionary zine is now available from the Anti-Copyright Network.</em>

<a href="http://325.nostate.net/library/325-10.pdf">Download PDF here: 325 #10</a>

Download the A3 cover for printing in high resolution (33MB)325.nostate.net/images/cover-325-10.gif

“With this issue we wanted to explore the topic of the ‘prison-society’ and the logic of information technology which makes it possible. Other articles outside this section in the magazine speak for themselves, such as the article Disreputable Mavericks by Venona Q.; the presentation by Jean Weir (which considers at points the armed group Azione Rivoluzionaria); the interview with 3 eco-anarchists in the UK; the necessary proposal Lone wolves are not alone by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / FAI-FRI… and more…”</td><td><img title="Fire" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/onfire.jpg"></td></tr></tab...


- Editorial
– One Year After…
– On talking less…
– Direct Action Chronology
– War against the information-age: a future of mass social control
– “Class Modifications” by Alfredo M. Bonanno
– Perspectives about the energetic collapse of the techno-industrial society
– Bio-economy, a way out of the crisis…
– “Excluded and Included” by Alfredo M. Bonanno
– Science in the aid of control: Robotics and aerial drones
– Earthquake in Emilia Romagna: drones, surveillance and social control
– Radioactive spills and nuclear crisis
– “On Sabotage and Terrorism” by ProvocAzione
– “Fragment: Illegality” by L
– “Disreputable mavericks – a measure of unpopularity” by Venona Q.
– “With all means possible” by Mario ‘Tripa’ Lopez
– “Tattoo” by Landeg White
– “Armed Struggle and the Revolutionary Movement” by Jean Weir
– Solidarity with Sonja & Christian – Revolutionary Cells (RZ)
– Interview with 3 eco-anarchists from UK
– “Lone wolves are not alone…” by FAI-IRF/CCF




In these moments of
chaos it’s also possible to seize
resources for ourselves through
break-ins and armed robberies with
greater chances of success and it’s
possible to hit targets of particular
significance to us.

--favorite line ever ever ever 4 eva

go pack

"In these moments of

Signed, insurrectionary anarchist comrade Walter Mitty. Create one, two, many anarcho-Walter Mittys!

keep your fucking poison out of here.

Looks like someone takes @news comments way too seriously and makes grandiose conclusions from little to no evidence.

"Yes, some of the most violent underground elements are using State funded college campuses such as TESC to plan/conspire–effectively utilizing State facilities for organized crime. But, quietly, the feds are creating a snare and drawing the noose tighter around those privileged TESC professors at the center of this type of activity."

There's this thing called a paper trail that would exist if this were true and it's not. Hiring radical speakers to come and give workshops is not organized crime. Gah, I hope you're a troll. If you're making that kind of statement riddled with confirmation bias and you keep talking about how rational well there's little hope for you.
This site is an anarchist space and can be maintained how ever the worker sees fit. Post all you want on your blog. No one will probably read it, but it cannot be censored there.

And I like how you think TESC professors are behind this. Nice try, but what was that reactionary saying? oh yeah, "Evergreen State College – Home of Environmental Terrorists and Homos?"
Resistance runs deep.

hahaha good lord. yes yes, the professors are using college money to commit organized crime. Totally plausible. I doubt there's any prof at Evergreen that's even that radical or at least an open anarchist. Whatever though it doesn't matter. And if you think the youth are being manipulated by some prof into being fucking class warriors, you are fucking stupid. That is the same bullshit from the redscare. No profs will be arrested. You just wait and see. You have fucking no idea how we operate and I am so fucking happy that you have so much fucking trouble with it. Stay slow, and get stuffed. No one showed me Malatesta's works I found them. I need to go to fucking sleep...I'm yelling at fucking amerifucks on the internet again...FUCK YOU and goodnight.

There's an audio & video 'trail', including, e.g., a visiting black professor from Portland making the following response to a challenge about the Seattle May Day street violence:

Q: You say it's not 'violence', that the property destruction was minor. Isn't that trivializing it? How would you feel if it was your car parked on the side of the street with all the windows smashed out?

A: Well, we DO need to be more selective.

The lecture was pretty boring until the Q & A session afterward. It's a scarcely disputed fact TESC is used as a staging/planning center for such direct actions as Ft. Lewis demonstrations and blocking the Port of Olympia. There are public documents that are part of the ongoing lawsuit in the Towery case that establish this. The feds know this. They're gathering enough evidence to make the case against certain individuals who work there as State employees.

They're not really after the kids. That's just a pretext for the courts and media. It's evident in the kinds of questions they're asking. And...it's the truth. Whether the feds can prove it remains to be seen, but they've got infinite resources and power to work from. There's a fair chance they'll eventually indict using one of the RICO statutes.

To most of the kids, 'witch hunt' is convenient hyperbole. And while the feds will obviously deny the term, they're quite serious in their intent. Recall they've even used postings on blogs such as this as the basis for Grand Jury questions posed to those subpoenaed?

Radical professors at Evergreen?
It's not like that hasn't been a thing for decades or anything.

Maybe they share some praxis philosophy with the students.

But I assure you it's more likely that "Occupy______" brought more people to that conclusion than any teacher.

Even so, do you trust the authorities to play fair. hahaha Seriously, they want to fuck up dissent as much as they can and an academic lefty conspiracy is something a jury will eat right up.

"Recall they've even used postings on blogs such as this as the basis for Grand Jury questions posed to those subpoenaed?"

I don't think you get how this works.

Oh? Tinfoil-hat thinks they're a smarty-pants? "Them damn rich college teachers is brainwashin our kids in to being pinko bomb-throwers." hahahahaha no evidence, all eccentric speculation. This is American Journalism at it's fucking finest. Complaining about censorship while censoring others.
Or wait better yet keep on thinking that we're being lead to do these things.
Where all middleclass white males being lead by pinko professors.
Keep believing that. Tell all your friends. Hell, tell the feds.
The characters that find there way here are so amusing.

I think this person is actually becoming a nuisance.
Perhaps we should treat them like Freddy Kruger on the internet and ignore the fuck out of them.
But in real life treat them like the piece of shit detective wannabe cop phink they are.

325 is the best source of European news on the net. hands down.

I wish that Fire to the Prisons was still around. Whatever happened to that publication...

It sucked and they knew it so they quit.

It had a good aesthetic. Stupid politics but that's par for the course in the insurrecto tradition.

I hurt and I hurt.

I help.

Solid. Love. Read abit, and it speaks to me. Makes me shed tears of sadness and joy, of impotence and potency, of radical and not-radical-enough.

Will you come over and kidnap me?

I'm lonely :(

Fuck this,bro. You deluded. Go outside, walk around, and those are the same people. Hateful, selfish, self-interested little robots. Don't believe the hype. Liberate yourself, and watch the Empire tramble in fear.

The only one who should ever request your martyrdom is you. Full stop.

Anarchist Dictionary:

tram·bled tram·bling
Definition of TRAMBLE

1: to shiver while traveling ; "Is that rambling oogle trembling? He is! He's trambling!"
2: to be shaken and uprooted ; "The bridge in Cleveland didn't tramble cause but those kids are now that they're in jail"
3: to be affected with so much fear you shake and run ; "The Empire trambled when the liberated ones ate dumpstered bagels, commented on a-news, and lived in dirty houses where no one did dishes"

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