325 Magazine #10 Out soon

  • Posted on: 31 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://325.nostate.net/">325</a>

The tenth issue of the infamous and chaotic anarchist-insurrectionary zine will be available in Autumn 2012. Deadline for artwork and written submissions is 7 September. Theme is prison-society research & development and anarchist tactics/theory written from personal/collective experience, but all contributions considered.

325 : Giving anarchism a bad name since 2003.</td><td><img title="Together we live the chaos, although we started in 2004. :-)" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2011/325_9.jpg"></td></tr></tabl...


all that fire on the cover. i hope the contents are a little deeper. clearly anarchy deserves a little better than mere association with arson. I think i prefer "deeper", "complex", "diverse" to "a bad name". Like Nietzsche said "beyond good and evil"!.

this is the best anarchist zine.

... that's the cover of the last issue of 325, which has been our for a while:

You must be new here :D

it is mainly about Bonnanism and the sacrificial organization called the Informal Anarchist Federation. anyway, at least their writings are more interesting than the platformist ones.

No, like Michael Jackson said, "bad."

Much respect to this zine and the work 325 collective does. Always impressed. Well, usually impressed.

325 = posers

I love that the ethos of the punk rock ghetto has thoroughly infiltrated anarchism. We are completely clownshoes thanks to it.

You say clown shoes like they aren't an expression of the human foot strike. The clown shoe does not respect your definition of measure, of quantification through the proper discipline of "shoe sizes."

I know, I know, "solidarity uniCORNism" and all that happy bullshit..

You = loser

Sooo ummm YEAH! Of course Nietzsche at least once in his lifetime broke glass in anger, and contemplated the aesthetics and machinations of footwear. Why wouldn't he have, these things being icons of a civilized judeo-christian society?

Lol, 325 describe @news.org thus --

"Award-winning 8th series of the American comedy-drama,"

So has @news been doing USA anarchist soap for 8 years, wow!

Well there is a correlation between affluence and an absence of pathos, and no matter how empathic a society may seem to be, it is still qualitatively immersed and governed by the organic dynamic of 'overfeed'. The liberal consciousness is the byproduct of an arrogant and smug excess, it resembles the dominant patriarchal wolf pack leader over a large kill, it snarls politically and whimpers liberally to have its way, to gain its pleasure and to control by force. The europeans may taunt the USA insurrectionists as being lame and ineffectual, but they fail to recognise the subtle cruelties that permeate the social fabric, nor do they comprehend the totality of surveillance that exists behind the disney-like masquerade of malled suburbia.

come live in milton keynes

No! I hate monarchists, and anyway, the mall security all have yellow teeth, no!

Look out for suburban sprawls threatening Glastonbury... that's the kind of war you have all over North America these days.

And yeah, the other commenter's precisely on-the-spot about the ordinary oppression we're facing everyday here. Many spots in Europe feel much freeier than any place in the American colonial system. But that doesn't mean we can't fight it.

yes, the english don't understand surveilance...you are correct sir! also your metaphor about the wolf makes no fucking sense, though is sounds like a snippet from some badly translated italian essay. perhaps you're using google translate?

No, you insult me to assume a machine translates my valued expressed feelings, you see, I am a poet. Can you fathom this term, before even taking on the challenge of understanding your own persona as,,,a critic?

I cannot fathom your commas.

I was shocked and appalled

325 are posers, period.


Hey Berlin, just wondering what meets your high standards of legitimacy?

Stab 3 fascists? Burn 10 cars? Organize 30 prison solidarity demos?
If I chop off a pig's head and use the blood to ink my anarchist periodical?
Where's the bar set at?

lol... I think they rather would like the Greeks to be more nice with society and its brave workers, and organize reading sessions and some hipster/vegan wild nights of ART!

But they don't even stab fascists in Berlin. They rather allow them to live in their fucking hausprojekts, then wonder why a buddy got brutally killed by one of them in some lefty neighborhood, so they make a big stupid demo that's gonna be probably repressed by cops. I testify, I saw that happening.

Berlin ABC shut yer fucking gentrified pride and prove your worth, bitches! Where's your '80s spirit gone?

Awww, fake little troll is so brave and poignant.

I like how there is always a collage of things that are on fire in this publication

I like how this publication always manages to bring out the best in people.

Not as violently as the comment thread here. phew. insurr-commentators.

nah, just fakers posing for the Moderator's delete button and trying to cause shit.

nah, just fakers posing for deletion.

deletion just fakers posing, nah.

nah, just deletion posing fakers.

posing fakers just deletion nah, boo hoo

hoo just fakers posing deletion? boo.

;) boo hoo fakers posing waah

You fakers will be deleted. You don't get in the way of the Anarch, who is the only legitimate anarchy.

- the anarcho-stalinist

they should start collaging in a barbeque every now and then to throw people off.

Posse of glorified pyromaniacs judging from the cover!

I'd fight in the streets with nymphomaniacs anyday, but not this bunch of pain and charcoal inducing misfits!!!

Nymphomania bloc

Fuck with them and they'll fuck you up

That's my bloc, moron.

Hmmm.... should multiply a hundredfold the number of rioters. Sounds like a perfect new tactic. Ad everybody can keep their black scarves on, so it turns it into some wild satanic sex ritual.

This would make Chris Hedge cry alone in a corner.

There is no pyromania. It's just fake crap invented by the pseudo-science of psychology to create patterns of individuated social control.

There is only the love for fire!

And the fire in love!

OK if you're going to split hairs about terminology, how about pyro-rebels? And I still stand by my preference of fighting in the streets with nympho-rebels rather than these culturally inverted fire-fighters.

Ok, I agree. Greece is also a good place for that, just like ShItaly, Californica and Montreal. But someone has gotta start somewhere...

Is having a blowjob in front of confused riot cops and burning banks the next step in the evolution of rioting? Let's see...

I'm having a boner now.

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