4th Annual Los Angeles Anarchist bookfair

  • Posted on: 12 July 2012
  • By: worker

Saludos! The 4th Annual Los Ángeles Bookfair is just around the corner and we need your help!

The bookfair is here again to celebrate Los Ángeles' histories of popular movements, militant worker actions, revolts, radical thinkers, non-conformists, and communities that carry the seeds for a new society. This once-a-year event is for friends, comrades and the curious to build bridges with each other in our existing and emerging struggles, and with our cities' radical past. We call on our anti-authoritarian rebel rousers, as well as those curious abut anarchism, to healthily enjoy themselves on September 8th at Barndall Art Park in Los Ángeles!

This yearly celebration is an open space to share anti-authoritarian political ideas that can be enjoyed at any capacity; pick up some literature, sell & distribute your own literature / art, attend workshops, check out talks, or just mingle.

The bookfair relies entirely on the various communities that piece it together! So we need your help!

Please let us know if you are interested volunteering, speaking and or tabling!

You can contact us in the following ways:

* Table at the Book Fair
(contact: tabling@anarchistbookfair.com)

* Sponsor the Book Fair & get your name on the glossy flyer & the website ($50-100 sliding scale, deadline TBD contact: contact@anarchistbookfair.com)

* Contribute your art, music, or other talents. (contact@anarchistbookfair.com)

* Bring food to share.
(contact: contact@anarchistbookfair.com)

* Host a fundraising event.
(contact: solidarity@anarchistbookfair.com)

Checkout the links below to relive the previous LA Bookfair gatherings - you may see some beautiful familiar faces! We hope to hear from you soon!



Amor y lucha,
LA Anarchist Bookfair Collective


oh great, another bookfair...

can revolution be far behind?

Ain't gonna be a revolution, until the @news massive fills their quotas of trolling and shit talking on teh interwebs.

Mow back to work comrade.

you can dismiss it as shit talking, which it certainly is, but that doesn't mean that the argument is invalid.

book fairs are for goddamn little kids. name one revolution in history that can be traced back to book fairs.

the khmer rouge.

Spanish Civil War.

pfft, name one revolution in history that can be traced back to talking shit on the internet. irrelevant points are irrelevant.

wow, you sure turned that around on me...

except this isn't a chicken/egg argument. we know what came first. the stupid bookfairs came first, THEN came the shit talking the stupid bookfairs. if you stop having stupid bookfairs i'll stop shit talking them on the internet.

let me remove the cloak of sarcasm and ask you a few serious questions.


What will another bookfair accomplish?

How will this end with the destruction of the state and capital?

Do you ever intend to enter into direct conflict with the state and capital? When? How? Tie that to the bookfair please.

duhhhhh bookfairs always turn into riots. no doy.

we could constantly call the cops on the bookfair.... lol j/k.

what will taking a walk through the woods with a loved one accomplish? what will looking at the stars at night accomplish? How will enjoying myself create "teh revolution to end all revolutions"?

We aren't allowed to enjoy our lives, we must sacrifice ourselves to the higher cause. Sorry folks, no bookfairs.

i think that the poster you are reffering to is under the assumption that the organizers and attendees of the anarchist bookfair believe that they are smashing the state by hanging out with friends, buying books, and attending workshops. she/he is a fucking moron.

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