6 arrested early Sunday as anarchists disrupt Pride Weekend

  • Posted on: 25 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://www.komonews.com/news/local/6-arrested-as-anarchists-disrupt-Prid...

Six people were arrested early Sunday after a large group of anarchists marched down the middle of several streets, clashed with police and damaged property during a noisy disturbance in the Capitol Hill area on Pride Weekend, police said.

The incident began just after midnight when a crowd began to assemble at the corner of 12th Avenue and Madison Street. The group quickly grew to about 40 people and then broke up about 15 minutes later, with most wandering north on 12th Avenue.

The group reassembled on 13th Avenue and began marching west on East Pine Street, then headed north on 12th Avenue, walking down the middle of the street, then east on Olive Way toward Cal Anderson Park, lighting off fireworks.</td><td><img title="The problem with property is that it doesn't defend itself. Robots!" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/robotpink.jpg"></td></tr></...

The group continued down the middle of Broadway, taking over the street, knocking over road signs and dragging garbage cans out into the street, said Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson.

At about 12:45 a.m. officers attempted to detain a woman who was in the process of dragging a trash can into the street, but she eluded officers and ran back into the crowd.

The group then continued east on East Pike Street, where they were met by a line of officers at 10th Avenue. The crowd of people stopped and began to dance and bang on drums. Several in the group yelled and screamed at officers while others placed bandanas over their faces.

After several minutes, the group began to move south along 10th Avenue to East Union, then east on Union to 11th, where officers reported seeing more members put bandanas on their faces. The crowd walked around, eventually ending up back at 12th and Madison, Jamieson said.

Shortly after 1 a.m., a police commander ordered the group to get out of the street and back onto the sidewalk. The group then left the street and assembled on the sidewalk.

At that point, a 25-year-old man who was on the sidewalk purposely stepped back into the street and proceeded to walk directly in front of the police commander. The man clicked his heels and stood at attention in front of the commander. The commander informed the man he was under arrest, and as officers took him into custody, the group grew agitated and began shouting verbal abuse and profanities.

Then the scene became chaotic as a man jumped on top of a parked car and begin to stomp and jump up and down on it. Officers ordered the man to get down off the car, but he refused and pepper spray was used.

Several members of the crowd surged forward and a 24-year-old man rushed forward and kicked the commander in the knee, police said. The man was pepper-sprayed and arrested on suspicion of assault.

As officers moved forward to assist in the arrest, a 30-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman who is well-known in the anarchist community immediately grabbed onto the man being arrested and attempted to pull him back into the crowd. Those two were both arrested.

As the disturbance continued, two other women, ages 22 and 29, were arrested for investigation of pedestrian interference and obstructing police.

All six suspects were taken to the East Precinct, where they were treated for the effects of pepper spray and later booked into the King County Jail.


they put that together quickly, pretty crazy.

Here's the video from the pregame riot.


much love
the trltrt

Wow. Yet another reminder that you can't believe anything you don't witness for yourself, and then you can only believe half of that.

Aggressors and pawns of the capitalist state is law enforcement, smug sociopaths in uniform. As much as I loath the idea of participating in the legal process, I think that there are legal services pursuing true and just recompense for these gross abuses, and that the guy that copped a full blast of pepper spray has grounds to lodge a claim.
I would only contemplate this path against a state run institute, otherwise I would adhere to the anarcho-nihilist process of taking law into ones own sovereign possession.

video is so tight. well done seattle.


the even was called Queers Fucking Queers. it was the 4th year in a row.

@s lay claim to yet another identity while pretending to reject it. hooray.

for chrissakes, fuck off with this drivel. it's not any more interesting in the one sentence a-news comment version than it was in the overintellectualized essay version quoting French people.

on the other hand, solidarity to those tangling with our enemies. well done getting that video out so quick. disregard the trollbots.

i can't wait for your precious tiqqun to not be hip among american @'s anymore and you feel like a fucking tool.

That's not nice!

Oh, it's already here.

you say this as if you think that tiqqun expressed anything original or new, as opposed to how what they actually did was reiterate ideas that have been around for a long time in a way that speaks to a particular audience.

yeah, straw man much?

applied nonexistence totally blows by the way.

I enthusiastically second this opinion.

3rdeded! Fuck those ivory tower douchebags

you sound jealous out there in the rain and shit.

this tower is fucking cozy.

I don't reject identity... there is no point. I reject identity politics, which relies on monoliths and assumed conformity of opinion among a group that shares particular trait(s). Race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., may be constructed by capitalism but because of this they DO have effects on individual lives. Not the SAME effects on everyone, but undeniable trends. I would like to dissolve the cultural norms that construct identity and destroy the system that feeds on it but this involves acknowledging the reality of oppression. Most people will keep identifying with others who shares similar experiences of oppression until that oppression is gone.

Too bad all the queers in my town are slaves

nationwide problem: not enough tops


Can't trust'em. More femdoms would be better.

moar fem tops!

sign me up.

So much truth.

fuck the queers! anarchy!

Ritualized action is ritualized.

Ritualized comment is FUCKING USELESS.

great analysis bro, what'd we ever do without you!

There were also 3 arrests at QFQ Portland the week before, and one person was detained and slapped with a bullshit $200+ ticket that he can't afford as he just lost his job. Any and all $$ contributions for legal fees woul be much appreciated and can be dropped off at the Red and Black Cafe (just make sure you specify it's for QFQ legal fees, the cafe is collecting money for a bunch of stuff right now).

Okay, so it just struck me here, reading abut the failed unarrest attempt... I mean to reach and try to grab back a comrade being kidnapped by the pigs takes some serious anarcho-balls/ovaries. Cause odds are you'll fail... and unarrest charges are serious business.

Bravo comrades! I applaud your bravery and penchant for self-sacrifice. May every pig who stole you away get alzheimers and forget the names of their children!

unarresting is not as hard as you might think. especially if people don't believe that it is too hard to bother trying.

Your point is off the mark. Dearrests are not brave self-sacrificing risky behavior, they are simply the right thing to do. Your intuition tells you this clearly. Listen to your intuition, not your fears.

Dearresting is very successful when we fail to be afraid of the police.

And the charges even if you are caught are not serious as you make them out. No more than any other charge you're likely to be given from a demo, equivalent to tresspassing or resisting. Chances are the charges will be dropped or reduced anyway.

Can the "Anarchist International" please explain to me why fear isn't intuitive, why fear and intuitions are somehow contradictions, and how "they" know what MY intuitions are?

Fear is an emotional response not an intuitive one. Here's the difference: intuition is knowledge created directly from the world with no intermediate steps, while emotions such as fear are intermediary stages between the world and knowledge.

That doesn't mean they're always contradictory or that one is always better than the other. That varies. In *this* case though they are contradictory and intuition is better.

Ha ha, this is such bullshit. Nice try, but laughable really. "intuition is knowledge created directly from the world with no intermediate steps" LOL, O RLY?

In my town unarrest charges are Interfering with a Police Officer, a misdemeanor that's almost always reduced to a violation. Obviously it's better to successfully unarrest than unsuccessfully, but 8 hours of community service isn't too bad for trying to keep a comrade out of the hands of the cops.

Unarresting a comrade could easily spell assault on an officer charges, whether or not the unarrest actually includes assaulting an officer. Stop insisting you know what people's charges could be if they engage in illegal activity, or what will happen after they are charged, as a means of convincing people to do illegal acts. Unarrests are good, but anyone who engages in the practice should have a clear understanding of the risks in a reasonable worst case scenario and accept those risks rather than accept internet advice from some anonymous activist who insists it's safer than it really is, and wind up surprised.

Your philosophy is one of subjugation. You are a daydreamer strangled by the law.

That's sad, but don't try to seduce others to join you in your defeat.

I am encouraging people to understand the risks before they act, and still encouraging them to act. You are trying to convince them to act by downplaying the risks, making blanket statements you can't prove, and claiming that what you define as intuition is some unmediated experience of "the world" and therefore inferior to other people's "mediated" fears. It would seem that you are the very unseductive seductress here.


"Stop insisting you know what people's charges could be if they engage in illegal activity"

Sounds like good advice, why dont you take it?

"Unarresting a comrade could easily spell assault on an officer charges"

I'm all for letting people know what the risks are. But I would rather think about this situation from a different angle. Like NOT unarresting a comrade could easily spell a bunch of bullshit charges for said comrade, and i'd rather take the chance of helping someone avoid the hell of the legal system and risk of my own arrest. Personally. Solidarity feels really fucking good.

This is the kind of thing that gives Anarchist a bad name.
Why is this happening?

Lawl? Like we care about what mainstream fucks think?


anarchist has always been a bad name - long history of bad kids. up the bad kids.

This has actually blown up into quite the little controversy here... There is a solidarity demo on Friday; we'll see what happens. Unfortunately, this is all relying on the idea that the dance party was harmless. Otherwise, most people wouldn't give a fuck.

Tricking liberals and slave queers into getting upset with state violence is prolly better than them not being upset with state violence.

At DC Pride a couple weeks earlier the Wells Fargo installation at the Capitol Pride Festival was raided by anarchists dressed as pirates. One arrest, and when I showed up hours later and asked Wells Fargo how many GLBT folks were in the GEO Group's prisons paid for by Wells Fargo, you could have heard a pin drop.

We are hoping to prevent Wells Fargo from returning next year.

In DC, have you heard of reportbacks?

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