6 ATMs Vandalized in Memphis

  • Posted on: 4 May 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>ATMs belonging to Bank of America, First Tennessee, and Wachovia Bank were smashed and glued in various locations around Memphis on Thursday night in solidarity with the recent police raids and arrest that took place in Portland, OR. </td><td><img title="Damn. The US is changing before our very eyes." src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/waterglobe.jpg"></td></tr><...


>in solidarity with the recent police raids


What you aren't in solidarity with the police raids? I thought that was what we were all about.

But yeah, these folks could have used an editor. Where's mister grumpy when you need him? That dude's like a one man anarcho-autocorrect, except better because he doesn't change my messages to family members into obscene statements.

Pedant is pedantic.

I think we can agree that the communique was not at all worded properly. It's not a patronizing concern with formalism that would lead someone to correct the inverted meaning of that statement.

>and arrest



Yeah, who are these liberals giving a fuck if anyone understands what we are trying to say or not... Inarticulate rage is the way to go! Besides it's not like we do these things for reasons.

Memphis, huh? I had no idea.

Memphis will be laid to waste

OMG! Put a bird on it!

You portlanders have a lot of smashing to do to make up for that shit!

Will throwing newspaper boxes in the street work for you?

fuck ya memphis

You're doing it wrong, look above you.

in memphis they steal the whole ATM machine and get away... check it


this was my immediate thought also

That'll teach those inaminate objects to oppress us!

the words fuckin 'inanimate' you fuckin idiot!.,,.8ball

You forgot the apostrophe in "words" and "fuckin" you idiot!

yesssss! Much love from Portland!!


thank you Memphis. We definately have some things to break up here in cloud city. Pax would be super pleased. let's go Portland and other cities, turn up the heat

Again with the ATMs? How come telephone poles get off easy? They just stand there hiding in plain view, thinking we don't see them. Destroy them, people!

Shit, half the folx in Memphis still use dial-up. If we destroyed the telephone polez, we couldn't release cool communiquez.

Burn the citiez, but keep the telephone polez so we can release cool communiques afterwards.

I believe in Vandalism.

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