800 Anarchists March To Demand Universal & Free Vaccines

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800 German Anarchists March Through Hamburg To Demand Universal & Free Access to Vaccine

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800 anarchists marched through downtown Hamburg to protest against fascism, capitalism, repression, and to demand immediate and free access to the vaccine for all residents of Germany, be they citizens, refugees, or undocumented migrants. They demand the free market not handle distribution and for rich people not to be the first to receive the vaccine.

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transhumanism for everyone for free, and if possible self-managed!

No, i'm not anti-vax or conspiracist but it seems that for these social leftists suddenly the media, corporations and the state stopped "manufacturing consent" and are telling us all the truth, as their loudest statment on the current dystopia is "vaccinnnes for everyone for free"...

It's somewhat noteworthy that 100 years ago a lot of Left anarchists and other liberal socialists took the wrong turn into eugenics. A move that didn't pay off too well during the '30s, as Nazis only benefited from the widespread acceptance of these awful deterministic Malthusian politics.

The danger of Regressive Left politics is not to be underrated.

"universal and free vaccines" is a Bill Gates slogan. His philanthropic funded organizations will do more for that than these pathetic posers in the streets.

bro, post more art with the world burning while masked zombies chase after free thinkers, it really helps make your case against vaccines

One of my early worries in this pandemic was that US pharmaceutical corporations would price any vaccine as high as possible. They could literally make a killing by selling scarce vaccine to the rich at $1,000 a dose, hell probably $10,000 for the first month or two. Would not do much to stop the pandemic but would line their pockets in a big way.

I say this as somone who will take the vaccine without regard for risk as I combine a genetic lung condition with a total inabiity to tolerate confinement, to the point that I spent 7 weeks on the road as a refugee from stay-at-home orders that in my home state the governor beat his chest about jailing people for violating. I cannot distinguish stay at home compliance from house arrest, and in fact had to think long and hard about whether it was even appropriate for me to continue in this world if measures I literally cannot live with were the only way to control a mass threat to everyone else.

I am not employed and have no health insurance, so if Big Pharms wanted to charge $1K for a dose of vaccine I would be excluded. As for vaccine risks, I do not consider any possible adverse reaction to be worse than a live, full-power infection combining a quarantine requirement with a 20-50% change the virus gets me anyway.

That being so, I got a flu shot this past year for the first time in five years. A harmless but unpleasant week of "fake flue" fluish symptoms but with no cough and no bronchitis resulted from a 2015 flu shot, so I didn't consider that a reasonable risk to avoid only the flu.

With the danger of mistaking flu for covid(and its quarantines) now on the table, this calculation changed and I got the flu shot without regard for the 2015 reaction. Got a pleasant surprise, only 3 hours of mild symptom this time around, but I feel it was the right choice no matter what. If I am going to stay in the world without the ability to stay at home when the virus is out of control, than I feel obligated to use all other possible defenses without regard to any risk to myself stemming from their use.

As the saying goes if something is free you are the product. There's an obvious catch with vax and you can point this out even if you are not against them as such(I'm agnostic about them myself for various reasons). I do no that this MRNA stuff has no metadata precedent and it isn't know what the long term affects might be.

Keep in mind that we are about to enter into a cybernetic age big time. This should make you cynical of all of these things to some degree when it comes to these scientific managers and what they have in store. The stuff I'm seeing from the legacy media and Biden in regards to SCIENCE is really bothering. I've seen this happen in Canada over the last 5+ years and when the US goes about this kind of thing they do it with no astroglide. The media and the state is beginning to look a lot like what exists in China right now.

There is a scary vaccine that coats the RNA messenger cells and transforms them into sending other messages, thing is, they don't know what is interpreted by the bodies cells by the new anti-covid message, like, message says ---Destroy Covid19-- but there's like 100 other messages, ones that could effect the mental processes. Its worrying. <

yes, probably the government is using these vaccines it hasn't been able to get enough of or deploy effectively that require people to come back for a second shot in order to do whatever you're talking about it doing. like most conspiracies, somehow despite the many people working on, administering and receiving these vaccines, somehow no-one has spilled the beans to anyone but naturalnews and winter oak. If you're worried about these shots making people stupider, you probably don't have to worry about that

The overwhelming majority of the people “working on, administering and receiving the vaccine” are simply following orders and doing what they’re told without question. They have no incentive to question anything. I mean why the fuck would they? All they want is a fat paycheck and a clean conscience like everyone else. Why complicate that for themselves? If they say anything they know they’d be labelled a kook and fired, or voted out or whatever, which, in fact, has already happened to plenty of doctors and public officials who stuck their necks out and dared to question the narrative.

This recently happened again when Robert Taber, a member of the conservative caucus in Ontario, stepped out of line to question the Premier’s curfew and other draconian measures. He was quickly shitcanned and got made an example of. So, understand that most of these people just wanna keep their head down, focus on what’s right in front of them and defer automatically to authority figures who also have no clear notion of what’s happening and are themselves also deferring to authority figures. For reference, see the Milgram experiment.

Further, they are all part of a massively compartmentalized undertaking in which no one single person or group of persons can grasp the totality of what’s going on. For reference, consider the Manhattan Project, in which thousands and thousands of brilliant people were involved in what they understood as some sprawling and vaguely defined “public energy project”.

None of them understood that what they were ultimately building was, in fact: the atomic death machine.

Can you grasp that?

Further still, they (just like you) have been trained and emotionally manipulated by the mainstream media to equate any and all dissidence with Qanon/MAGA/conspiracytheorists/etc. And we haven’t even touched upon the now unparalleled power of big tech to censor all dissident opinions and happenings. Fact is: you don’t know what you don’t know. All you know, is that you don’t want to risk getting labelled a [Qanon/MAGA/wtv] and get cancelled by your shitty liberal friends.

Of all people, anarchists need to stop falling for the logical fallacy of “appealing to authority”, i.e: automatically discounting someones opinion because of what some “expert” says. It’s a garbage argument. Fact is: either my position is right or my position is wrong. If it’s wrong, then the onus is on you to explain Why, rather than deferring automatically to the Appeal to Authority like some fucking dumbass lemming piece of shit. It’s very depressing to watch so many anarchists become state and corporate shills...

I totally agree here, regardless of where you're from.

There was a seamless continuity from the ID pols of the last few years and the full, sheepish endorsement of Covid measures and their narrative by this very same crowd who's been pushing the latter. They are what Arendt identified as the popular base of a forming totalitarian regime, and also let's not make the mistake of seeing Qanon/MAGA as their (false) opposition; they are completing each other, and giving credibility to their antagonist party.

To me, both are just noise from the internet. They're the products of tech corporate feudalists.

Who's behind it all, what are their motives, is to me the most fascinating question. Yet at the same time, part of this secret is hidden in plain view. The new level of authoritarianism brought by Covid is just what it is... a collapse of democratic liberal institutions, not towards any liberation but the opposite; a retrograde dictatorship supported by global technocratic might. And in the face of it, Qanon have just been the false opposition of useful idiots to it. Hell, they successfully recuperated the cell phone towers attack, and on J6 they just gave a golden opportunity for Democrats to consolidate power over both Houses.

In order to have a sharp anarchist analysis, one's gotta understand how State politics work. How power is built, and how it further expands.

I agree with most you said, except that I don't see a reason to believe "there is anybody" or a " deep state" behind all of this. Technobscience, mass society, military-industrial complex, big data, virtualization of the social, all the features of today's world make this happen by itself. The system got intelligence on itself. Power is rizhomatic, from all of the interconnected networks of interessts comes this intelligence, where nobody is in control, but some groups have a higher influence.

This is a great comment. It is important that we distinguish ourselves from the conspiracy theorists by providing a more sophisticated analysis of power. Because you’re right: it’s not so much a top-down sinister conspiracy, but more like some great headless blundering juggernaut operating under the illusion of a masterplan.

This is tricky for a lot of people to understand, but it is essential.

That said... there is, on the other hand, no denying that between the mainstream media conglomerates AND the social media giants — what we’ve got is essentially a very small handful of billionaires controlling almost all the information we get to see. Basically I think you and the anon above you, are both correct.

Something to think about.

I think matt taibbi wrote a book about how the search for outrage eyeballs in the "attention economy" gave form to a lot of what I believe you're talking about here? journalism, how ever skewed it used to be, has been hollowed out and replaced with the outrage echo chambers, to a great extent?

I'm sure there's a few supervillain technocrats too but a lot of this stuff seems to have happened almost accidentally with a race to the bottom of how to get people to click angrily on things. Those sweet sweet angry validation dollars!

The media never lies to us. Scientists don’t get bought. States only ever have our well-being in mind. Creepy billionaire philanthropists with a history of sterilizing women in Africa without their consent clearly know whats best for us and should be trusted. Big Tech surveilling and censoring us is just for our own protection. Only racist sexist conspiracy theorist MAGA puppy kickers contest these things.


PLEASE, I'll do anything you ask of me... I'll self-isolate for many more months, and take ANY vaccine sanctioned by State authorities... I just want my hipster venues and the college classes back. I can't stand it any longer!

hipster you will need an immunity passport on your phone! And dont' forget to update, remember how operating systems work, they always have bugs... So bug fixes for old bug fixes, and all will be ok when you become a top edge product of human engineering.

Its a real "god cop bad cop " script now, everyone who is an obedient slave wears a mask like bank robbers used to do, and the biggest thieves of capital take off their masks to do their big marketing propaganda spiels or election speeches. Everyone is sucked into being a willing volunteer in the biggest marketing and mass propaganda feat ever played in the history of this planet, and 99% have fallen for it, bahahaaa.

I am sorry, but those people in the picture are not anarchists, so the title is misleading.
Who called the demo in Hamburg the secret services or some very confused idiots?!
Surprise, surprise again, all the protests against the Scamdemic and the lockdowns are being repressed in G€rmannybut this brave "anarcho"guinea pigs can take their empty skulls to walk in the streets...
We need a plan..some ideias?

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